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dreaded 0 points from esa medical will thay take my dla next?

gutted got my letter yerterday after 2 weeks 0 points anyone know if my dla will stop now as i have been disabled for 12years and passed ever medical dla send me on to claim that..

during the medacal the doctor asked me to copy what she did she raired both arms and i tryed hard to copy her as i did both sholders made a very loud cracking noise she jumped up as if to see if i was ok as my wife said i turned white the doctor asked me if i was ok to go on and offed me a drink of water no notes where made of that on her report thay seam to send what thay want to dhss

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No your Dla will not be stopped it is totally seperate from ESA.. .. What worries me is the fact the Dr you saw said you drove to the appointment while you say you have to get your wife to read things to you as you cannot see to read as you are blind in one eye.... Is the Dr wrong in that statement as that immediately stands out as a contradiction, and you can use that fact in your appeal which you should put in for immediately

If you email Emma at and tell her when your ESA hearing was she can send out sheets to help you appeal

Hope that helps

VG x


Hi this hsppened to me i appealed and got my money back hood luck x


thx j



No they cannot take your dla off your for scoring no points on ESA... what the crafty so in so s do, do is use an ESA medical result when renewing dla claims ... if you need any help with your appeal pls pvt message me


Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

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If you were in pain when doing this movement you should have stopped and said" I'm sorry I cannot perform that action because it will cause pain " should appeal and ask for a 'statement of reason's'...this is the ESA50 form you completed with the scores they gave you for each question....go through it ...carefully ....both you and your wife should have written a statement as to how your disabilities affect your day to day life....don't hold back you have to be very explicit about every thing......never feel that you have to 'try hard'...all activites should be 'performed in a reasonable manner and you should be able to repeat them after a reasonable time......GOOD LUCK


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