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DLA medical in 10 days scared!

Can anyone tell me what is involved in the ATOS medical. The DLA people at tribunal lost my files and the judge said she felt it was a good idea and better for my case if I attended a medical and then maybe another tribunal when they have the report back. I was distraught that they lost my file and was extremely tearful. She did say that another tribunal may not be necessary when the report comes back. I'm so confused. I have been waiting since January this year such a long process and I'm so ill with it all now.

I won't give up though I feel so strongly about it. I still manage to work part time but only last month I discussed with my husband that I'm going to have to cut my hours down as I'm struggling now. Any advice from anyone would be great.

Thank you Lucy

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hi lucy dont worry about the medical i have had ten of them they always find me fit for work i ust appeal and when i go to the appeal it gets upheld in my favour my last appeal i got a welfair rights officer to sort it out for me 2 days before the appeal got phone call from welfair telling me i didnt have to go to appeal as the d w p has upheld in my favour after he phoned atos got another med in 2 weeks i have asked for it to be recorded they said ok i am taking my own tape recorder ust incase they have forgot i asked if you want to no more on atos to see how good they are at lying go to complaints against atos how do they get awy with it


Hi Cortina,

What do you mean they lie? Omg why lie I'm really concerned now. I will definitely take a tape recorder, should I ask before I switch it on or just go ahead and use it.

Mine is not to stop work my medical is for DLA

Do you think they are the same or different medicals. My husband who is my carer is coming with me. Please let me know your thought, thank you for replying.


sorry lucy dont no anything about d l a im on e s a but if you want your medical recording you have got to ask attos to do it if you ask they have got to do it as chris greyling said in parliment ust go onto complaints against attos and you will seeother people they have lied about they said on my report when i got it that i had no problem taking my coat of i didnt have a coat on said i had no problem getting on the couch i didnt get on couch because i asked so called doctor to help me on and he said im not helping you so i reported him to attos head office nothing came of it ust look at that attos site you will see there are hundreds ust like us complaining


I'm afraid this is true. I took my son with me to the medical., thankfully. The examiner went quickly through the questions, asked me to hold up my arms and turn my hands and neck. ( not quite sure of the relevance). That was it done. AFew weeks layer received the Brown envelope with the results of the medical. Both my son and I thought that there had been an error. As we looked over it all the answers we ghave were completey different from the answers on the form. With this in minds we appealed thinking it was a mix up of someone else's results, it turned out that it was my results but had no resemblance to what wad actually said. Had the appeal months later( which I won) but during the appeal I was asked what symptoms had changed that made me think it should be looked at. My reply was symptoms are the same as ay the time of the medical but that the nurse lied about everything I said. Even recording your medical doesn't guarantee it will be listened to. Sorry its so negative, but I think most people that have had a medical will tell you the same. Try the benefits and work website there is a lot of useful info on there. Good luck, I hope all goes well. Hugs .xxx


Everyone thank you for your info and help x


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