As anyone who was on dla and now moved over to pip won there case ? I am on dla low rate care high rate mobility and have my medical on the

20th of November for pip , if honest I am dreading it I called them and asked if they had written to my gp never really got a straight answer , I have asked my gp if he as been asked to send in a medical report and they have not contacted him as yet , im seeing my gp this week and I am going to ask him to send in a medical report of which I know he will willing do , just really would like to find out how many that have moved to pip have won or lost there case love to all xxxxxxxxx

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  • Hi jane59

    I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck with your assessment. I do remember reading about 6 months ago about 2 members who transferred successfully from DLA to PIP, so I hope that helps you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Jane

    I was on low rate care DLA which was stopped after I put in change of circumstances as my condition had got worse and I was diagnosed with other disabilities. I had to go to a tribunal which I won.

    However I was awarded the enhanced level of PIP for both care & mobility after a medical. I personally found the PIP process, including the medical much better than DLA.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Jane,

    Sorry I can't advise as not on dla/pip. I was sending DWP an appeal letter re ESA work related benefit ti be put on ESA suppirt group benefit, I asked my doctor for a support letter to include with my request, ti be told they don't write individual patient letters but was kind enough to print off a list of my visits to see her & what I had attend her for DWP do accept that from the docors, I don't want to dishearten yiu but I submitted my request received by DWP 9 July opened on 24 July still waiting on an answer it's 27 November today, but been reliablely advised that it can take between 9 & 15 months for a reply. If you get letter from your doctor I would hand it in personnally when you attend the assessment, BUT make sure you take a couple of copies for your file in case you need it further down the process! Best of luck take care hugs x

  • I was on DLA care low rate n high rate mobility. I got my pip decision last wk n got standard in care n mobility, so I basically got put up a level in care but down a level in mobility. Iv got to give my car back by 2 dec. but Iv sent off a mandatory reconsideration. I got 10 points for mobility n u need 12 to get enhanced. Hoping to get a answer soon but told it can take up to 10 ish weeks x good luck x

  • I've been told if they reconsider you could lose all the awards.i am very stressed over this.i also missed the mobility enhanced .mine was standard rate too.

  • Anytime you tell benefits about change of circumstances etc your benefit gets looked at again. Think there is always a risk it could go down but if you think you deserve more then I think you should always fight it x

  • I am also worried abut my car if I don't get high rate I will loose it

  • Yeh Iv lost my car. Giving it back in 3/4 weeks but then I will get the £2k off them to buy a new car. So going to get a little run around n hope that my reconsideration or appeal puts me to high rate. But if they don't give me the decision until after Iv got the £2k Iv then got to wait 6 mths before I can get a mobility car. x

  • Hi

    Two of my sons who have fybro both needed there renewals around the same time one had to have an assessment the other didn't my youngest has his medical and was awarded the lower pip care part and high mobility until 2020. my other son i know has the higher rate mobility but i don't know whether he gets any of the care rate as i haven't really spoken to him about it. They both live in Leicester an i think it was Capitar that did the assessment not ATOS not sure if i have spelt the name right. Non of them had any problems from what i can gather. Hope that helps just remember to do everything as if it is your worst day.

  • lost my mobility x

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