As you know i won my appeal last month. Im still waiting to get back pay and Monthly payments. Ive been ringing them every week. And told there waiting on my file, which is in another department. When they get it, they will then pay me. And said they are going to request my file again. Have you ever heard anything like it. Has anyone else had this prob?? Love to you all. Helen xx

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  • i cant even get it been refused so not sure hun soft hugs xx

  • I got the money in my account before I even got the letter; I'd ring them every day until they pay you as they are infamous for losing things - send photocopies of your letters back to them or scan's to an email address as well.

    If it goes on for very much longer then I would contact my MP and let them ruffle a few feathers.

    Julie xx

  • Thanks for your reply. I got a phone call to say they have got my file. A letter will be sent and should have payment by week tomor. Love to you. Helen xx

  • Hi Helen,

    ppfftt, exasperated sigh here, they drive you nuts.how slow can the system be?? basically they'll pay you when they're ready it appears.

    My back payment took about 6/7 weeks. different if you owe them though,,,whoosh, they claw it back regardless!!

    Keep on at them every few days and keep a note of the calls.

    I really hope you get sorted soon,

    Take care

    Jan xx

  • Thanks for your replys. I got a phone call today, to say they have got my file. And i will get a letter, and payment by nxt fri. So lets see. love to you. Helen xx

  • Hi Helen,

    Yyyyaaaayyyyyyy, good for you.

    take care

    Jan xx

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