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more health problems

Hi Everyone

Not posted anything for a while although I check the site every day to see what's going on,

so thought I would give you all an update on what's been happening with me, since my last post I have had 2 more lots of injections in my hips which still have not made any difference to the pain, so I had to have MRI on hips and will get the results on the 3rd September but when I went in for the hip injections I was meant to have GA but they found no pulse in my left arm or blood pressure reading so had to have them done with no sedation ..I went to see a vascular consultant who sent me for CT scan and they found that I have a main archery blockage so I will be going in for an angioplasty and having a stent inserted, So I was right the pain that I was feeling in my left arm was a different pain to my normal fibro, I'm not looking forward to having this done which is scheduled for the 4th September they also think that I might of had a slight stroke when I collapsed in January and nothing was done so will be having more tests....

Gentle Hugs to you all and thank you for reading my post

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Oh my goodness - you've been through "it" recently - I'm sorry to hear all about it :-(

Stay positive and I'm sure you will feel so much better once the stent or stents are in place :-)

It's not good when you get mis diagnosed - I've been a victim of that - genuine mistakes do happen and nobody is infallible :-)

I wish you good luck for your upcoming procedure and a speedy recovery :-)


Hi gilly sorry to hear that you have had a bad run of the mill just lately, hope thing's get sorted for you soon, gentle hugs ...Dee x


Hi Gilly. Sorry to hear all your news. Hopefully things will start improving for you and wish you well for the procedures.

Is xx


Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts 5 days till d/day hopefully I will feel a lot better after the procedure and will be back on here to let you know how it all goes....

Gentle hugs to you all and have a good weekend once again thank you xx


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