DLA renewal forms

I have just received my DLA renewal forms which I now have to fill in. They awarded me low care put on appeal I received middle care. I am now worried that if I fill this in I may not get any. I am at the moment going through a tribunal which is on set 2nd I have a rep to come with me and they have submitted reasoning's for the tribunal but do I fill this in before I go to the tribunal or wait and see what happens on the 2nd sept . I was already confused I am more confused now x

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  • Hi can u tell me what is a DLA form..?

  • its disablity livin allowance hun x its xtra money you can apply for if ya in need of extra help... like carers or mobitliy hun x

  • Thanks for the explanation ,,,,xxx

  • H michphil

    This is such an hard question to answer , people really don't no the answer , I went from low care indefinite , to low care with a review in feb 2014 , then on appeal with cab high care indefinite , which means any day I can get a letter for another medical .

    Good luck with your appeal .

    X cuddley x

  • was you up for renewal anyway?? when did they say ya would get middle care till.... didnt understand as i dont know why ya goin to appeal again if they went from low then ya appealed then ya got middle? are you appealin to get high? when was ya middle rate awarded till? as if its up for renewal anyway i dont think it matters bout the appeal as that will go on the last thing ya was appelin but if ya renewal is up anyway i would imagine ya would have to apply again anyway hun x i am up for renewal next april n not sure if they gonna call me in before or leave it till next yr when my award is up anyway x x

  • My renewal is up in Dec I am at the tribunal for the mobility on the grounds that the doctor from Atos who came to the house did not look at my walking properly as I have to hold onto my stick as well as the wall or husband to keep my balance my gp had put on my medical that I have a very unstable Balance and that I ca not even pick my feet off the floor I drag my left leg . I am not steady on my legs at all and I have gone down hill over the past 12 months I have been waiting for this tribunal since last September so I m now wondering which way it will go. Xx

  • Hi cuddly,

    You are correct there are no simple answers to the question. I am now just going to go with my rep I have and let him do the work for me the submission that has put in has picked up on afew things so i will have to keep my fingers crossed if I could xx

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