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PIP Forms


Hi guys, hope it's a good day for you all. So i received my forms on friday for my pip. Was shocked to read they want them bac on thier desk by the 9th. That only gives me a couple of days to fill them in and the return envelope is second class, really cant believe this. I have looked at the forms and cant bring my self to start them, cant concentrate and cant find the words. It seems like so much trouble. I need to start them soon. Xx

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Try to get appointment with CAB they deal with these forms with you and know what to put on them I always ask for their help with my Husbands' forms. x

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Thanks for this i will try n get to CAB n get help with them. X

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CAB can also ask them to get a longer time period. they did for us.

Oh my! That's short time. It takes me ages, never be enough for me. Strange as DLA give weeks to do.

I'd advise sending recorded delivery so prove sent and keep a copy yourself.

Good luck x

If you know that you can't get the forms back in time give them a ring and explain why and ask for an extension. The reason you can give is that you need a longer time to gather evidence such as a letter of support from your GP. Good luck with it all, let us know how you get on.x

It should be okay if you call them and explain you are struggling to get them done and mention CAB if you want as that's what I said. I was given a month and had to extend it twice because I ended up filling them in myself.

As the others have said, the CAB is a good place to go and get help with these. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your claim.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I always send DWP docs back by special delivery too as I have had them say in the past that they havent received them. It cost a bit but worth it to make sure they get the form.


As well as the advice above have a look at The Benefits and Work website for PIP guidance benefitsandwork.co.uk/perso...

Hi I did mine last week, I was a bit like you but thought I got to do it cause I found it was stressing me out.

Good luck bite the bullet xx

Hi you can phone and ask them for more time tell them you only had them 2 days and that's not long enough to complete them. They usually give you 2 weeks extension x

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