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Wow it is rather like sitting in a steamer today

Very very hot we had a thunder storm at 9am and it banged and crashed about in the solway letting everyone know it was there.. Now it is hot sunny with cloudy periods just had lunch just salad and feel exhausted. I do hope this changes back to how the weather was yesterday.. At least with brilliant sun shine I could sit admiring the flowers and the birds with out peril

Has anyone else had this storms yet? What were they like? xgins.

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violent storms and thunder from early hours.. now dried up and v humid im v sticky!!i sunny and sticky Gloucestershirex


wow that sounds pretty bad hope you are ok xgins


We have had two nights of spectacular storms here in Devon, on Sunday/Monday I counted four separate storms , all very dramatic, then torrential rain, thank goodness, everywhere is looking less parched. Last night I was woken by an incredible crack of thunder, it must have been right above me, both the dogs slept soundly through the whole thing, I unplugged my modem, just to be safe and took about another four hours to get back to some form of dozing. It is much cooler today with a breeze, much more comfortable, but I'm told we're in for more storms tonight, oh deep joy !!

Foggy x


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