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Feel like lead weights on arms & an elephant is sitting on my chest!!!

dont know why i am feeling like this today, my get up and go has gone!!feel very sore and tired, my hubby dosen't seem to understand.

I think he looks at me and look fine although he asks how i am he's not very good understanding fms...poss just me feeling very low, thanks for this site helps knowing i am not alone. thanks for listening xxx

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Hi motzie,

It sounds like fatigue, thats exactly how i would describe a day that my fatigue is at its worst.

It makes me so low i cannot talk to people as i would just cry.

My other half is understanding at points but when my fatigue is bad as they just dont get it.

Just take it easy and everything you dont get done today will be still there another day when you do feel better to do them, Pacing is the key to try and keep the fatigue at bay but sometimes you just have to give in and stop.

You rest and hope you arent feeling low for too long.

kel xxx


Thanks Kel for your comment.. the tears are hard to stop poss feeling sorry for is good to know that other plp understand...soft hugs & take carexxx.


Hey Motzie, give me back my elephant! I know how you feel, I went to be really early last night and woke up about 10.30 only because the dog was sitting on me! I rang my husband as he was a bit incredulous that I'd managed to sleep for so long. He is usually good so I was a bit taken aback.

When I have a good day the bad days always hit me hard and unfortunately there are more of them. You take care x


ok Adriane take Jumbo back! must have been a night for early to bed..i was10 oclock..woke a few times & got up to twalet at 10am, fortunately i had some brekie & meds...back to bed slept more....i must be beautiful all this beauty sleep lol.

thanks for being there, gentle hugs xx


thanks Christine my hubby is not very good with sick people.. as in my situation i can only say i have tried to explain.. but dont think he's intrested! It is his nature can't see anything etc.

Thanks for careing..gentle hug & take care. xx


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