Venlafaxine and Fibromyalgia


I was prescribed Amitriptyline in January having been assessed as having Fibromyalgia after 2+ years of symptoms and my GP excluding all other possible diagnoses. I have not been able to cope very well with the side effects so only take it when I have a flare up ( 3 so far this year).

Having now gone through the menopause I am experiencing quite severe hot flushes at the moment. Due to recent publicity in the Press about the efficacy of Venlafaxine for hot flushes I suggested to my GP that I could take this instead of the Amitriptyline and hopefully also gain relief from my everyday pain and symptoms of Fibromyalgia as well as the hot flushes. She agreed quite readily but said she had not had a great deal of experience in prescribing it for Fibromyalgia.

Anyone taken this for Fibro? What was your experience? I have only just started taking it today and a little anxious I have made the wrong decision.


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  • Hi there

    Both of these meds are antidepressants. However Amitryptyline taken at a lower dose does not have antidepressants properties.

    Also they both need to be taken on a regular basis to work.

    It depends whether you want pain relief or the antidepressant. Also if it's just the hot flushes you could try HRT.

    I've been prescribed both of these meds and successfully took HRT whilst going through the menopause.

    I am not a doctor, I am just speaking from actual experience.

    Will write you a proper welcome later just wanted to get this message to you.

    Best wishes

    Lu xx

  • Thanks for your response.

    I am looking for relief of both my daily Fibromyalgia symptoms and my hot flushes. As I can't tolerate Amitriptylene because of the side effects and for a number of reasons want to avoid HRT I am hoping this may be a good compromise.


  • Hi

    Hot sweats can also be a symptom of Fibromyalgia. I hope you don't mind me saying this but I find it a bit worrying that your GP is not sure if she is prescribing you the right meds.

    As Chris has said you can go onto the FibromyalgiaActionUk website (on the green bar above) and get and information pack sent out to your GP.

    I think this is something that you should be discussing in detail with your GP. We all suffer from differing symptoms and what meds are right for me could be disastrous for you.

    In the scheme of things you've had Fibro for a relatively short time. Unfortunately it can take a long time to get the right meds, diet, etc. It's very trial and error as one size does not fit all.

    Lu x

  • I did it was fine initially then I was moved on to duloxatine , I think as we progress symptoms come and go and new ones develope so Meds have to be adjusted , there is a medical pack you can request , our Ken will be about much later , he'll sort you out with info on that .

    Good luck

    Chris x

  • Hi I had to come off amitriptyline so I could take gabapintin for fibromyalgia I do miss it I don't sleep as well at night now but the doc's say that also could do with fibromyalgia to .I do no how you feel ....

  • Hi there

    I was interested to read your reply. You said that you had to come off Amitryptyline in order to take Gabapentin. Did your GP say why?

    I have been on both Amitryptyline and Gabapentin together several times over the years. As far as I am aware there are no contraindications for these two meds.

    Lu xx

  • As a man I just wanted to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this issue.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hello and welcome!

    I just had to reply to you.

    I'm on Venlafaxine, top dose of 375mg only allowed this high dose from a Psychiatrist, originally it was for my reoccurring depression, Anxiety and OCD. I slowly was weaned off Citalopram onto Venlafaxine. I never felt well enough so I slowly climbed the ladder until I reached the very top!

    A couple of months ago, or maybe even more I started Seroxat as a mood stabiliser as it wasn't enough.

    Omg the hot sweats were So awful, the doctors did say they thought it was fibromyalgia and not the menopause. Strange though as also,my periods got lighter and lighter and I started to miss them every 3 months I'd have one, then nothing for a while, but the hot sweats continued.

    All the doctors I was seeing said it was Fibromyalgia and the medication Venlafaxine.

    I'm still on it and Seroxat, I take Clonazepam at night to help me sleep and more importantly stay asleep!

    I hope it's helped you decide.

    Best wishes


  • I've been taking 375 mg of Venlafaxine for years, been through the menopause and I now suffer horrific sweats. I can even be sitting doing nothing and it starts. My head is the worse, it even runs down my face and stings my eyes.

    So in answer to your question Venlafaxine in my opinion, does not help at all.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments. I will give the Venlafaxine a month or so - if it doesn't help with the hot flushes I can abandon it and look at other alternatives for pain and explore options for HRT.

  • Sorry to hear of uour symptoms. Just out of interest, what were the side effects if Amitriptyline? I have taken it nightly (10 mg) for years along with just about all the antidepressants mentioned in your post and the replies above - but only 30mg. I took both through the menopause and don't think either helped with hot flushes. Good luck.

  • Hi, I've taken 300mg of venlafaxine for around 6yrs for anxiety and depression, I was put on to this by a Psychiatrist and told to take them in the mornings. My gp put me on amitryptilne 100mg to be taken at night, this helps me to have a decent amount of sleep, if I forget to take it I wake up around 2am and am awake all night. I suffer with hot flushes and feel like sweat is pouring off me, recently at my sons wedding I said to my husband is my make up running ? He replied that there was not any sweat on my face at, it was then that I realised that this was the fibro. I do occasionally have a wet sweaty face and need a tissue and I know it does feel horrible but maybe with a little trial and error you will get to a decent balance of meds. Forgot to mention that I also take gabapentin, 3200mg and this does also help with the musculoskeletal pain. Take care xxx

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