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Today is a great day :)

I'm so so happy- 10 years ago today at 13:13 on friday 13th 2002 my miracle baby girl was born at 13:13 on friday 13th, She has grown to become a beautiful sensitive, compassionate clever girl with a wonderful love of life and passion for nature and animals i couldn't be more proud well maybe later when we go to watch her perform at the Church service where she is playing the saxophone and singing with fellow school mates. Today truly marks the day my life was blessed, the best day of my life. :) :)

It's times like this that i can almost forget my ills and be thankful i'm here, happiness helps with the pain.

I hope all my fellow fibromites have a relativly pain free day xxxxx

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hi rachie happy birthday to your gorgeous girl, i think she must take after you :) i have a 13 year old grandaughter as well as a 8 yr old a 5 yr old and a Grandson who is 2 very soon . I love them all so much xx


Hello Rachie, what a wonderful day for you and your precious daughter! I hope you both have a lovely day today! This is what life is all about, our blessings! :)

(((hug))) xxx



Hi Rachie,

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter.

My baby is 28 today!!!

13th December must be a good day to have little girls.


Lynne x


I whole heartily agree :)


You must be so proud of her. Hope she has a lovely birthday and continues to be blessing to you.x


Happy birthday to your precious little girl. I was born on Sept 13th, which was a Friday way back in 1957!! I also lived at no 13 till I got married!! So I have no fear of the no 13 at all!!!


That's mad as we lived at number 13 as well plud it was born on the 13th november 78 so like you it is my lucky number xxxx


Thank you all who wished my girl a good birthday. the Christmas carol service was fantastic i was so proud of her and the school. She had a fantastic day. Paul made her homemade waffles and american pancakes and as a surprise 2 of her friends joined her for breakfast. When she got home family came round all through the evening and she loved it we however were exhausted hehe xxx


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