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Hiya from Wales :)

Hiya, my name is Clare and I was diagnosed with Fibro 2 years ago. I have had symptoms since I was 36, am now 52. I also suffer from Agoraphobia which carries its own complications. I was always an active person and get so frustrated as I cant even manage things that were once so easy, asking my hubby and my daughter to help with things I enjoyed so much such as preparing and cooking a meal makes me feel useless! I`m so glad I found Fibroaction and all of you, at least now I know I`m not on my own and hopefully sharing my experiences may be a help to some of you here, this is a nasty illness which only sufferers and carers can understand, I`ve read through quite a few posts and its heartbreaking what this awful condition does to us.

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Hi Christine :) have had Agoraphobia since 2003, it was a culmination of trauma and events over a long period of time and the end of a marriage to a cruel and violent man which triggered it. I rely on my husband ( I eventually remarried) and daughter for such a lot nowadays, hubby takes me everywhere I need to go, I`m unable to go out alone, I suffer with panic attacks and basically always carry a paper bag with me, some I do manage to stave off, some I dont. I dont cope well in crowded places, or with people I dont know, I `ve other issues besides this and the fibro, about the only thing left intact is my sense of humour LOL! I know only too well the pacing and the feelings of sheer terror, it used to feel as though there was an invisible screen over the doorway and no way could I walk through it! I cannot begin to imagine your own personal feelings at that time hun, so many of us NEED support in all our situations, we do not need judging for how we `look` on the outside.

hugs hun xxx


hi clare i am new here but so you were from wales and thought i would leave a comment for u i am also from wales have had fibro for over 20 years i was lucky my gp recognised the simptons so i have been lucky to keep it undercontrol with meds but in the last 3 years they have doubled my meds as i am getting worse but try my best 2 get on with things the only thing i have found is i lose my temper very easy and the 1 thats suffers that is my husband but he takes it all if u want a chat u can add me on facebook if u want xx


Hi Wendy, I sent you a message hun :) xx


Hi Claire, my name is Claire and I Come from South Wales and Im new on here to, I am 33 and also suffer from Fibro, I was diagnosed in 2009 and having a young daughter I have found it difficult as well as the tests they are doing now to rule out any other illnesses like MS or Lupus. I cannot control my fibro and I have more baad days than good days but I push through them for my daughters sake and I volunteer with vunerable adults teaching them basic skills one day a week and that is enough for me.


Spirit here - 46 living in North Wales. I'm being seen to by Ysbyty Glan Clwyd (Bodelwyddan). Appt tomorrow with Rheumatologist. Be interesting to see what he says after the battery of tests he's run on everyone elses' behalf. Have to say I was impressed when I first saw him and he had an article copied and attached to my file with the diagnostic points and variations for FMS. Made me feel good that they weren't going to dismiss me out of hand.

Love and hugs to my welsh neighbours x


Hi guys, I`m so sorry for not replying sooner, its been a lousy couple of days and my motivation has been zero, just felt really rotten! Am going to try to reply to each of you so please bear with me as my right hands really painful n I one finger type, unfortunately after a bit I lose feeling in my finger , such a nuisance!!!

hugs xxx


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