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Hello from Wales

Hi I've had fibro for many years, luckily I managed to retire early from work due to ill health.

I wonder about links with CFS/me as my son had a first episode at 7, remission about 6 months later, back again at 12, and again at 16, so I think there's a stress link working too and lately he's had an ongoing episode for 6 years now.

I know it's wrong but I feel guilty and wish so much

Anyway I hope to have advice to offer and get help from those that know what fibro is like


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Hi there Yvonne42 I see this is your first post, Please let me welcome you to our group I am sure you will be very happy here. You may wish to lock this and futer posts it keeps it off the world wide web and also helps generate more replies. Here is a link how to lock a post

healthunlocked.com/fibromya... If you need further help please let me know.

You may like to take a peek at our mother site it is full of wonderful information you may find helpful fmauk.org I hope we see you around the forum again soon. I hope your day is a nice one xx


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Hello ☺


Hello welcome to the forum,i think you'll like this forum everyone is so helpful. Yes I would check out the other forums for your son they my be very helpful. Chris


I think there is a link between CFS/ME and Fibro. Also they say with Thyroid, hashimotos, raynards, Sjogrens, there is quite a list. It is all part of a family of auto immune conditions I think.

As for guilt, we each have our own set of characteristics to pass on in our DNA. Some we might class as good, others not so. We don't know what bits will come out in future generations or if perhaps if conditions will only manifest if the conditions are right. (or wrong!)

I think with health we each have susceptibilities. Under stress these are the type of ailments our bodies will manifest. By stress this could be pollution, chemicals, poor diet, over work and exhaustion, and so on. Not just that someone having a bad week will get sick.

We have several in our wider family who have CFS to some degree. Wonderful vibrant, positive people. It is frustrating to see and have no answers as to why.


Thank you all. I have arthritis, Raynauds, Sjogrens; the Raynauds from birth, the others as add on bits along the way!

I need to keep telling myself there is no blame with any of this stuff, I wouldn't swap my life, actually that's quite powerful, I don't think I would even though there are times I'd love to tweak some areas! Good food for thought, thanksAl10 xx


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