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Some more concepts from Social Anthropology

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It has been more or less proven from ethnological studies that it is possible for illness to be communicated from one body to another. Obviously this doesn't happen all the time. From personal experience and study I would say that this can occur if a body that has to communicate with another same body over a long period of time does not for whatever reason feel able to physically respond with their own speak and actions that will help re-affirm their own preferred perspective on life for the future.

You might be becoming aware that I am somewhat getting on a bit of a roll with my knowledge. I am glad to express it because it's a good sign for me that my brain is waking back up from having been on meds. Maybe you already know what I am saying and wonder why I am saying it, BUT HERE IS WHY having been born and worked in that damn shop from a young age I then had to project out of it when it was clear I wouldn't be doing it. My social anthropology course was a ritual in itself for my own body contractions and eye spells to be exercised , which is dangerous, and once exorcise I had what felt like a scary moment when I realized I had never really known my own body outside of projecting the shop, it was astonishing to have the new body muscle /everything feeling, unfortunately it got so shocking how my body could project and feel, which was amazing, that I panicked and contracted my hands and body to show. "Movie" and never fully recovered from that particular did.

Although I've said I'm not bothered about feedback previously, I would appreciate it now before I see my psychiatrist tomorrow. Surely what I'm saying should make sense to him and he won't end up injecting me again, there is no way I want to go back to no projection, pain and stress and other things.

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Hi my friend

In my own personal opinion I truly believe that staying in the 'present' is the best way forward. As I wrote to you in your previous post, the future can (and will) take us anywhere but it may not be the truth or the reality of the situation. The past has already shaped our views and beliefs and can be very difficult to amend.

I would say take a deep breath and approach everything with an open mind and judge from the present, experience as this should be more attuned to the situation that you are in at that time.

Although I agree with you on projection, I do truly believe that it can only take us so far in life. As we can project beliefs or our own feelings on to others who do not reciprocate them. I feel this can be extremely damaging to our health. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi, many thanks for the reply. It is good to be talking. You are actually very correct, staying in the present is mainly very important. It is a contract, a system , an eye spell, a brain spell, a projection, a means to act so that bills are paid and life is done.

In my case if you understand, I projected a present of the family shop for 16 years. This was my present. A lot of persons don't have to snap their present. But I had to. it should have been fun and easy but for one reason or another my transformation out of a 16 year "present" hasn't been successful. This is what I am more or less writing about.

Thanks for listening. My brain is having absolutely loads of amazing thoughts. It's like I've suddenly woken up in the middle of my university course and I'm up late thinking of what I need to write to complete my university essay.

Good luck my friend :)

I can give a practical explanation perhaps to your theory.

I am 49 year old male had noticible fibro six years, diagnosed four years ago. No longer work used to love my job from graduating until couldn't work, did consultant work ad hoc. Used to be outgoing, rugby player, social animal before. Then have spiralled down physically and emotionally. Finding it difficult to walk due to trigger point above knees last month fell straight on face and snapped off two upper front teeth (amazingly not painful!) I am an insulin dependent diabetic for 15 years all ok apart from last six months. Housebound, depressed, lethargic, no motivation etc On 40mg slow release morphine, oramorph, Tramadol, diazipam and Ambien sleeping tablets. Zombie day, awake all night. I hope this paints the picture.

On the transference of illness. I live with my loving wife of fifteen years a talkative outgoing social Irish woman. FIt and healthy, wonderful large close family, ICU nurse. Since my illness she has put on weight, been treated for depression, lost her lust for life, curtailed visits to family, social events etc. Complains of many symptoms that are so similar to fibro that if written down anonymously I would say 'go see your Dr and get checked for fibro'.

We are extremely close and spend most of our time together, however, she loses herself in books and foreign films as a coping strategy. I am similar but use the Webb and sites such as these. She looks unwell and sadly aged more than normal.

Is this illness transference from one body to another or is it a change in her behaviour patterns because of me being ill? One thing I am sure of is she needs the company of others where she blossoms and comes alive whilst I am happy in my own company. I practice the simple faith of Celtic Paganism and the blessings of Mother Earth and nature which helps me.

I practice mindfulness and keeping it in the present, a former role was a stress management trainer. Unfortunately, she struggles with the concept and is a worried by nuture and nature which is sad to see with someone with such a good heart. Without keeping it in the moment I would be mad or possibly suicidal. I struggle not to focus on DWP and government cuts to benefits as I did not prepare for this in younger days.

I apologise for this tomb and hope it has some relevance, there is one last point I want to make.

Since that last fall, something else snapped as well as my teeth. I was fed up of feeling helpless, being groggy from prescribed drugs. So I tailored off all the morphine, tramadol, co codymol and the sleeping tablets. Keeping just diazipam to help process and because of its benefits to controlling Restless Leg Syndrome.

My clarity of mind, positivity and sense of purpose have burst forward in a way that I cannot explain the sheer joy of. This also has transferred to my wife who wept tears of joy and said she had her Patrick back. She is now going out more, happier, busier and more productive than the past five years. Romance has reappeared too, to put it politely! It's early days only a month in and I'm using homeopathic remedies and 10mg of MST when needed. So this indeed is a transfer I believe in the opposite direction. I had no idea the extent my illness was having on her, living in the moment, I try not to feel guilt but joy that I am aware of this affect on her. We and our fourteen year old are looking forward to 2017.

I didn't intend to make this into a novel. I usually grunt a few words of encouragement out!


Patrick thank you for your comment . I must say I found this very interesting.

I myself would not take a few of the drugs they wanted to give me as this will make me house band etc.

I know it is hard but you see you have gone more on the positive side then the negative side as they say.

I do meditation etc which I find helps.

I do know that when you are in a lot of pain it is hard to be positive and do meditation, but it does help.

So once again thank you.

Sharon, thank you so much for your positive message. For me I think the key is the ability to change. To say this is not working for me I need to try something else and make that action happen. For fibro I believe there is only one type of management and that's self management using GPs and consultants as tools in the box but exploring all other options. I believe anyone fighting a long term illness will have depression issues at some point no matter how strong or positive.

I also use meditation as a tool for calmness and also each night in gratitude prey to Mother Earth for the days blessings. I'm often astounded by how many good small things have happened that I take for granted!

I hope to progress to special gentle tai chi and yoga classes (hiding at the back!) in order to remain flexible and achieve mind/body balance. We shall see, small steps in the right direction. Lying in bed drugged up had become too much for me and new pain coping was needed.

Goodness I do waffle on, I need to get out more!

Bright Blessings

Patrick x

Thank you for responding to my comments.

Yes I try holistic therapy as well as meditation and most of the time I do my best to stay positive.

Which is not always easy, I do find some people can seems to drain me and stress etc .

Lots of people don't know what I have and some do,

Some days I can find it hard to move and the pain in my body can some time bring me down, but I think if you are a positive person it help.

I self manage a lot of the time and have been thinking of doing tia chi as well, but any excise or going shopping does seem to take it out of me.

So I am hoping in 2017 I will go swimming, tia chi, and lose weight as I have now put on over 5 stone.

I know what you mean, some people are stress carriers, they go around moaning and groaning oblivious to the effect they have. Others are stress dumpers who just dump all their troubles at your doorstep and run along feeling better. Avoid them like the plague it will only negatively affect you. If you can't then change the direction of conversation or go for an urgent loo break and try and not head butt the wall too hard


Unfortunately your prescription Meds may be responsible for weight gain plus were not as active as we used to be. A really good physio I see has told me in past forget about exercise for now and just concentrate on movement when it's bad. Just gentle movement to stop muscles cramping up.

Swimming is very good but many find normal pools too cold. The MS society has centres all over the country with special hot tubs and people on hand to advise. They have now opened these up to fibro sufferers as well, so look up your nearest one. It's on my list but to be honest haven't done it yet! But it's on the list, should be higher up as I think it would be great.

Hoping your fast asleep now!

Patrick x

Thank you I will do, fast asleep that's a joke.

Have a nice Christmas and thank you once again

Hi, I haven't posted on this site for quite a while. I have just been through a process since the 19th December 2016 (and may still be in a process) but I have reached a very good outcome for myself and in which case meaning a good outcome for others if you follow my logic. Yes, communication of illness is possible but as you have proven so is the opposite, health can obviously be communicated to each other too. Also, just to say what I've been through has been fascinating, interesting, out and out scary as hell, fun, boring and other things, however I am feeling I have learnt a lot from my recent experience. In brief and all I'm going to reveal for now or maybe ever is that I would call the process I have been through and keep doing is "reality bargaining". Again with social anthropology concepts some of these ideas may mean nothing to some but quite possibly mean a lot to others. So, just to say I'm feeling fine and am trusting what I've been through will help me maintain this perspective for I don't know how long.

Glad to hear from you and that your doing well, keep in touch 😊

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