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medical notes

got the phone call from gps I can go in on Thursday and look at my note but is will ost me £10-00 bloody cheak. and if I want copies then I have to pay for each copy this could get expenceive butim going in tomorrow afternoon according to the lady I spoke to I can have it all copies but it wil cost me at least £50-00 so I going to look and pick out what I need the important one I want to see is what the gp wrote to dla, and what else they have said about me so im ready with the list of thing I want and a purse full of cash well ive got at leat 30-00 to get what I need and I going to get a reciet as I will enclose to the appeal process as well I didn't realise it cost just to look at your notes

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I wasn't aware it cost to look at your own notes , there your that's shocking. I can understand charge to photocopiebut even this should be in line with general photo copy's eg my local shop 20-50p per copy standard a4 20p. I am totally shocked and disgusted I'm not sure how they get away with this charge under the medical , freedom to access medical records guidelines . I would definitely try and claim this back , let us know how you get on x


I found the clause they can charge under , shocking x


That's appalling I know a standard GP letter costs £10.00 but to charge for you to see them and have them copied is appalling

... I could have been on to a winner here .. Everytime I see a consultant I ask for a copy to be sent to me ... This is free sometimes my GP hasn't recieved his copy and I have let him photocopy mine ... I should have charged

VG x


ive now learnt ask for copies of everything


I too have always been sent copies of letters between GP and Consultants, and they do it readily and don't make a charge. It's appealing that one should have to pay over and above a reasonable cost for photocopying. I may well have a completely fuddled head, but I'm sure I read or heard somewhere that people will be able to access their notes online.....if I am wrong then I'm ready to be corrected, as I'm definitely fuddled atm !

I think I must have struck gold with my GP, saw him on Monday, he said he would refer me to a physio for assessment, have had one shoulder replaced, now other is heading that way, he said it would be a wait, but this morning I got a phone call and an appt for next Monday, so I cannot complain, a response within a week !!!

Hope you manage to get whatever information you need to help you Tracy .

Foggy x


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