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Recently I asked some friends who are keyed up on benefits about the DLA I was amazed they told me to look yp this has really opened my eyes to a completely new level, loads of tips & help, questions & answers also appeals & advice about areas of help you can get for free.

if I can be of any help let me know as I became a full member so I may be able to send copies of the processes, appeals, help, dla, esa & more all you need to do is let me know it has really opened my eyes as I had never claimed a penny in benefits all my life & been self employed for 32 years long hours 7 days a week until my illness left me with an overdose on 9th September 2011 & I am still here to tell the story.

Dont let fibro or any other illness destroy all you have it did mine I lost my business, health, marriage, family & nearly cost me my life

please try it you have nothing to lose at all good luck whizz

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Hi Whizz,

Thank You so much for this post as it highlights the help and advice that the website can provide. Hearing from yourself how much you have gained from the guides is great.

FibroAction can email the guides out for free and ask anyone interested to contact

Thank you for you genuine kindness to help provide copies, what nice members we have

All the best



Thank you for your comments having been deep down close to deaths door I know how traumatising the illness can be, when my illness took grips I had no idea where to go or who to talk to its been a long haul getting where I am today & cost me dearly so if I can help anyone to avoid going down the same route as myself I am more than happy to help with this illness so thanks again & take good care whizz


That's very warming and a comfort from you.i will definately take on board your help with all these nonsense appeals that are so crippling to us as there is a great disbelief of Fibro.Thanks Whizz Jacksiex


I have helped many people in my life time however its not until you need help yourself then realise no one believes what you are saying as it can knock you down in minutes from no where but if we all push along maybe 1 day we & others may benefit from our knowledge, I am all ears as nothing else to do but sit in this flat alone most of the time so take care whizz


Whizz kid Thank you for sharing i shall look as like you been self employed and wrk wrk and not understanding why suffering on/off all my 43yrs of life to be diagnosed jan 2012 with more than one thing it is hard to accept and absorb.

Ups/downs etc.

So proud you fought it and you are here to help others

That is brilliant!!!

Happy to inbox anything and so so sorry it lost you the things you wrked hard at but its hard to cope with simething you do not understand.

I had Social services xmas give me some things to help around home just waiting hand rails

I have yet still to fill DLA firms as never thought could with being self employed.

So i shall be interested to see what it says

Bless you and all the very best for this coming year xx



im sorry to hear about your illness both you & I know how difficult it can be at times I really hope you do well now your an employer I have been there for many years of self employment.

It will be nice to share this dreaded illness & better understand how different people are affected by this illness its just a pity its not advertised so others may benefit from our wisdom & save them having to go down the long roads as we have had to.

All I can say is look up the DLA very carefuly as questions are very misleading & the more information you can provide the better chance of success in your application so may well help you out it has done me a great deal of help & advice to the ESA & DLA applications so good luck & I hope all goes well for you, I hope you have a good year ahead.

Bye for now whizz


Just got my letter from DLA with the word AWARDED on it!!!! Thought I'd share


Congratulation! I'm really pleased for you Mdaisy,you should post a blog and let other people know,it will give others the confidence to keep pushing for it...PB xx


Thank You Pink . I may do later YAY!!


Well done. I am so pleased for you and anyoine else that manages to get an award, we all know just how hard it can be xxxxx


congratulations on your award all the best whizz


Thanks whizz. I find things like this really helpful and I already have bookmarked the descriptors for ESA & DLA and also the descriptors for when PIP replaces DLA. But not everyone knows where to look xxxxx


thats great take care for now whizz


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