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lovely doc who could clearly see I had problems, however I still feel negative.

my DLA assessment went on for an hour and now I am exhausted and body is trembling all over. he examined me in bed the hands to head, behind head etc stretch arms out to shoulder height, sit up straight...

I was asked to show him how I get out of bed and then stand at end of bed to do the can you bend and touch yr leg and lift yr legs up.

Right! I struggled with most of that due to weakness down left side and being frightened of shoulders popping and knees which are very unstable at the mo.

The leg test started with my balance going and me falling backwards onto the bed, so glad the bed was there LOL and my hubby! left arm looked like i'd had a stroke and then legs were trembling so much he asked me to stop.

He then did the pain sensitivity test on my back which lasted 2 not quite touches... very sensitive I am. well that was the physical... Not sure what he'll write but hey mrs pessism that I am don't think it really matters coz DWP never take any notice anyway. The reports are usually always full of lies and things missing.


Its over and done with and all we can do is wait and try not to stress too much.

I'm gonna have a cuppa and a huge double choc muffin for solace LOL

Nom nom

Big hugs to all


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Wow.. i never had any of that.. maybe i am in For a long apeal prossess ... i am glad its allovwr for you now zeb.. now go and rest. Gentle hugs .HC X


cheers hunxxx

don't worry too much about it and i'm always here for chats as are ev1 else too.

take care and big hugs to you xxx

I'm off for a tramasnooze zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Sounds much like mine. 2 years ago , due mine soon just awaiting appointment . You be glad it's over and done with and you can now try and relax what will be, will be I guess x I hate the waiting x


cheers hun

yeah too right!

hate the waiting

cheers for reading my blog xxx zebxxx


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