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Mmmmm delicious and nutritious

Hi y'all. I'm assuming I'm not alone in having tastebuds that regularly play silly beggars. One day they can taste hardly anything and the next they can taste too much. The family are used to me now asking "is it just me or....." and realise it's not a desperate plea for approval of my cooking skills. Well today tastebuds have decided they cannot possibly tolerate any normal breakfast options - I have a fair few to try and satisfy their fickle nature. Was staring bleakly at the cereal boxes, having already discarded the bread-based options, when my little wrinkly eyes alighted on a bag on of sweet chill and sour cream crisps left over from the Christmas over-buy. Yep, you've guessed it. I have at least resisted eating the whole family-sized bag and have daintily decanted them into a nice china cereal bowl in an effort to feel less of naughty bloater. Please tell me I'm not alone in having odd cravings when very far from pregnant. Mmmm nom nom nom x

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HI, my eating habits are bizarre to say the least! At the moment all i will eat is, eggy bread, dippy egg with soldiers or cheese and onion sausage roll type thingys!

I dont do meals and i am a grazer im afraid, but hey ho......Charlii xx


Sounds delicious misty if there are any left send them over.........looks hopeful :-/


Glad it's not just me!

I lunched on two packets of crisps and some liquorice allsorts! I'm usually a very healthy eater, but my tastebuds do go funny on occasions!

<Snatches VG's share of the crisps>

Moffy x


My kind of lunch! Not that I indulge often - I'm usually good honest! x


my tastes change mid eating - I ate 3 pieces of a quartered apple the fourth piece was so foul,I heaved - yet I know it was no different from the others.

my sense of smell is bizarre too.



My sense of smell is so sensitive it's annoying ... I had to ask...ok ok made my OH take his tuna sandwich into the loft room today .. It makes me heave . The smell of tuna .. Not the sight of my husband....

VG x


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