Hello all, I am back again . I got a letter back from the DWP and i have been told i have been put into the work related scheme thingy , I have posted here before about this and you have been a great help so far , well here goes , I am being given the run around by the DWP its driving me nuts , I am going to make a claim to let them know that i feel i should be in the support group not the one they have put me in, I have been in touch with the welfare rights and also the Advice center , I have to fill in a GL24 form and they will help me to do this , If you saw my post before , you will know that i am almost house bound and there is no way i can get to the job center for interviews ect , I have many illnesses , I asked the DWP for a copy of the Atos medical report but they wont send me one , in fact they wont send me anything at all . I have phoned them around 5 times now and its not an 0800 number so its costing me a lot of my money just to ask them whats going on and why they wont send me a copy of my medical report . My GP wrote to Atos when all this started asking them if they could visit me at home due to my illness , I have asked if she will write to them for me , but she said if they want any information they can write to her, I know they wont do that as she will charge them for a letter . I am at the stage of asking her to do a letter for me and i will pay for it just to sent it back with the GL24 , When the Atos DR. came to visit me , he said himself i wasn't fit for work , and he could not see there being any problems at all as long as my GP were to agree with what i told him , Well no one has been in contact with my GP at all , she hasn't heard a word from them . If anyone has a free phone number for these people i would love to have it , also any advice you guys can give me again will be a great help , as time is getting on and i know i only have 28 days to appeal . :)

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  • hi, dont talk to me about atos. ive been accessed 3 times now and everytime ive lost the battle and had to appeal. i had the same problem as you, atos said they would write to my gp but she has heard nothing from the last 3 accessements. i feel like im fighting a battle with it all and i dont know the answer. it all seems impossible. good luck and try and keep smiling

  • just fill in the GL24

    with a simple statement that says something like :

    "I wish to appeal this decision as I do not feel my situation has been fully,,, "

    considered or understood - its up to you.

    then -

    " I can send more information to support this."

    this should be enough to register your appeal.


  • Thanks I have told them i will be appealing when i phoned them , they told me to put all the reasons why on the GL24 form and use a separate sheet of paper also if needed

  • Hello, I've found a good way with phoning these 0871 etc numbers as I found it was costing me a lot of money! I bought a Tesco International card where you can top up with £3.00 to £5.00 and you can buy them from a Newsagents and although they are for making calls abroad You can also use them for local calls including the 0871,0870 numbers etc and when you make a call they will let you know your balance. Hope this helps you? Love Aisha x

  • Hi

    I was told the same John , do not waste anymore time phoning,they are call centre plebs and don't know their a***e from their elbow. Put your requesting writing, they can't ignore it then. I also sent mine recorded post. I got mine back about a week later.

    There is no free phone number, ironic that they charge poor and vulnerable people on an 0845 number. You are entitled to your medical report so do not accept any more cow dung from them.

  • Here is a list of all the free DWP telephone numbers

  • Hi

    Have you considered writing to your MP? The more the merrier, it cannot hurt and could help you. Good luck.

  • A lot depends on who your MP is; mine is as much use as a chocolate tea pot! If my opinions differ from his, I'm wrong. If I disagree with Government policy in any way he forwards my concerns to the 'appropriate' department and then returns their standard reply, explaining the policy to me. I must have got it wrong when I thought MP's were supposed to represent the people.

  • I tried my MP he said he cant do anything , so that's him out of it lol , I have spoken to my GP and i told her I know why you want them to write to you , so you can charge them for a letter, Well last resort , I have asked her to do a letter for me and i will pay for it out of my DLA or PIP soon too be i expect the same problems no doubt , so i will keep a copy of her letter for them also Many thanks to all of you who have answered my post , I know you cant say do this do that and all will be fine , But it does help I will let you know how i get on Take care and God Bless all of you :) I will be back haha :)

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