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Please can anyone help me

Hello everyone please can you help. I am so worried and stressed and don't know who to turn to.I have been very ill now for the last 20 years with M.E and severe fibromyalgia, I am house bound and mostly bed or sofa bound.The DWP have put me in the WRAG group and there is no way I am fit for work or even able to attend any interviews.I have not had a medical from Atos as my GP informed them I was too ill to attend one, I then recieved a letter from Atos saying that one of their medical advisers had reviewed my case and based on the information in my file and further medical evidence from my GP it would not be nessessary for me to have a medical assessment, so this is why I cannot understand why the DWP have put me in the fit for work group when I should be in the support group.I tried to phone them over several days and it is almost impossible to get through to them and costs a fortune in phone calls just being left hanging on,I did manage to get through to someone eventually who was quite rude and unhelpful, he said all I can do is appeal.I have no idea how to go about this and feel I don't have the strength to keep fighting. Any advice will be most appreciated... thank-you

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hi i have yet to go through a lot of the new stuff i.e pip plus have a dla review due in November which I am terrified of so far the last 2 essa reviews I have been put on the support group but we all know that can be changed with these idiots it amazes me how these people that do not know us seem to go against our drs or other people who know us they just want us all of benefits and don't care about the carnage they are causing those who depend on the pittance they do give,all I can say kazzy is try cab,or see if there is a disability council in your area they are excellent and will help you but believe me you are not alone in how you feel those on this site that are in the same situation know exactly how you feel and my heartgoes out to you I hope someone can and will help you all the very best,pauline xx


Thanks pauline for your reply and kind words its good to know i'm not alone just wish all this wasn't happening as we all have so much to put up with already. I did phone cab but they said they are so busy that they can't speak to me for another week, I will try seeing if there is a disability council in my area as you suggested I just hope an pray someone can help... thanks again kazzy.


aww kazzy im sorry the cab were unable to help I suppose they are bogged down with people similar to ourselves what with all the recent changes in benefits its such a mess everyone is so scared I wish I had an answer or a magic wand lol if only huh x


Here is some info on Benefits & Fibro, including a number of specialist organisations:

If you don't have the Benefits & Work guides, email and Emma can send them out.


Try and find an advocate - perhaps someone from MIND or something similar for the mental health aspect. Do keep going. 'Find the strength. I have also been put in the WRAG group but found that the company dealing with this in my area are very understanding. Be angry. How dare our own Government instigate such measures on its own vulnerable people. Keep going for yourself and those who cannot x


The WRAG group isn't stating that anyone is actually fit for work, but for a possible return to work and they are ''supposed'' to help you do that!

That aside,i agree with the above, you must appeal and they should help you or at least give you the form etc to appeal on, and possibly get help from someone else to fill out the form. If you are housebound, who helps you on a day to day basis, are they able to help you with the appeal. I know the CAB must be inundated, but if someone who knows you well who sees you on a day to day basis and how the illness effects you, that way you would be able to give a fuller idea of your situation.

personally I'm not in favour of decisions without medicals, i tried to get DLA reviewed but no medical was forthcoming as they have more than enough info to go on that i sent, but the written word does not give the same picture that the the eye does! but i got no where and i can't at this moment in time face another appeal. its bad enough i need valium to survive the day, so i just left it, but if i didn't have so much else going on health wise then i would have appealed.

I also think we should be having full medicals, not the assessments they call medicals, and they should all be carried out by fully qualified doctors, not health care professional, which could mean anything.

just as an example, amongst other things, i have severe obstructive sleep apnoea and its amazing how many nurses or other health care professionals like physio's, Occupational therapists etc don't know anything about it. I don't expect every medic to have a full knowledge of every condition, but they should have at least a general knowledge of the most common ones.. Fibro being one, but many don't know what either!

Sorry for going off topic, You do need to get back in touch and make an appeal. When you get through to a department ask them to call you back if the cost of calls is a problem. they can't refuse to do that!

good luck xx


You need to see citizens advice they have qualified people who can help you free of charge and will ring dwp for you


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