Help, im scared!! Brain abnormalities found in MRI scan, anyone else had this?

Help, im scared! My consultant rang me yesterday with the recent results of my MRI scan, of my brain, it has showed abnormalities in my brain, which I have to go for further tests! I have fibro, graves disease, thyroid eye disease and osteoarthritis in spine. All I keep saying is what next!! Has anyone else had this experience?

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  • That sounds terrifying for you, Angelherb!

    There are so many different abnormalities that can show up on MRI scans, some serious, some not. Did your consultant give you no indication of what he had found?

    I do hope that you soon find out what's going on, and that it's not too worrying!

    Best Wishes

    Moffy x

  • Hugs. I hope all will be well for you. I know it is easy to say but try not worry until you know exactly what you are worrying about.

    Gentle hugs


  • Hope u soon find out what s wrong Angelaherb, and it's nothing too seriouse, do keep us posted, gente hugs Dee xx

  • Hello Angelherb. I hope you get the tests and the results soon. It's easy to say but try not to worry too much.

    Take care, thinking positive thoughts for you.

    Is x

  • Oh how scary for you. Are you able to speak to your consultant to see if he/she has any further info to help put your mind at rest while your waiting for the further tests? Please try not to worry too much. Easier said than done I know but I'm sure if it was serious they'd have whizzed you in straight away. Crossing my fingers for yu x

  • Hi Angelherb, I too have all your symptoms & MRI results. I was told it may be MS

    I am scared as well & just have to pray that somebody out there of whom I see daily will know what to do & how to assist in my situation. Best of wishes & blessings.

  • Firstly, thankyou everyone for your support, I haven't told anyone as I don't want to worry anyone, as ive had that many health problems and scares over the past few years, that until I actually get talking to a professional its up in the air! I had my MRI last Monday, and was very surprised when the consultant rang on Friday, to say, the muscles behind my eyes, are fine. I initially had the scan because I have thyroid eye disease, and have been experiencing double vision and swelling around my eyes. This occurred after I had RAI for an over active thyroid in 2011. Since then ive been collecting consultants!! I have been diagnosed for a few years with fibro, and x-rays and mri scans have revealed osteo arthritis in lower spine. So, when they scanned the eyes they naturally scan the brain. my consultant said he had passed the scan for a second opinion, to a colleague that agrees there it does show abnormalities in the brain. He is writing to me to come and see him asap, for further tests! So my consultant said he didn't want me too alarmed, when I received a letter with all this on it. I haven't got it yet, hopefully might be in the morning. Fibropindoll, I hope you find the support and get the correct diagnosis, as it is scarey being in the dark, the tests are bad enough!! Im glad I made the decision to come on here, as I cannot even google for something I don't even know what it is. So that's why I put it up here to see if anyone else had this experience. Fingers crossed its nothing to worry about. I had the contrast dye when I had my scan. All the consultant said was they had found something on the left side of my brain!! He said he couldn't tell me anything till further tests are carried out, so I presume another MRI? I will keep you all posted, and fibropindoll please keep us updated on your situation to, thinking of you... we will all support each other X

  • Fibropindoll and Angelherb, I hope you both get good results and what's showed up on the mri is nothing to worry about, try not to worry too much, best wishes to you both x

  • Angelherb.. I'm just joining and your message was from 3yrs ago... how did your tests go for the brain abnormalities?? My father was brought to the hospital tonight.. he wasn't making any sense while talking... he was making us really nervous the way he was talking.. so they did a MRI and blood workup... they found some bactieria in his urine sample so they think he has a UTI... AND giving him antibiotics... but his brain scan also showed a "small abnormality" waiting on the DOCTOR to explain further... I do hope you're well and doing better...

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