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How wrong could I be

When I was diagnosed with fibro at the age of 25 it was merely a painful flare up occasionally with tender points I was young I was active. where I lived at the time there was a support group ... I didn't need it I took codyramol occasionally for the pain and got on with life with odd couple of days of pain then nothing for months I carried on life as normal. I had more problems with my endometriosis. 4 years ago I developed osteo arthritis , and couldnt be as active and bang the fibro grabbed hold of me with tentacles of steel and all the pains I was warned about all those years ago and ignored have come home to roost in my body. I look in the mirror and don't recognise the chunky 47 year old to the fit slim and active 43 year old what has happened to me in four short years it's made me think I am sure that exercise does help fibro but when you can't exercise it gets worse then it's a vicious circle. I have been waiting since April for a good spell to get myself moving but it's just not happening.. Even the recent sun hasn't helped seems I am stuck in pain. Rambling over .......


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i think ive had fibro for a long time now ,and like you i had the occasional bouts of pain but generally carried on and was quite fit ,used to walk upto 8or9 miles a day!

but since having my 5th child which was a horendous birth ,thats when fibro stuck its claws in and didnt let go ,in fact its gradually got worse and worse over the last 2 and half yrs untill it finally got its way and i cant walk hardly anywhere ,if i do im layed up for days ,

if i do too much housework for crying out loud im ill for days ,i feel useless ,i look in the mirror and dont see me at all ,all i see is a puffy faced 35 yr old who is useless to her family ,someone who my 15 yr old daughter has to look after when i get really bad ,she cooks dinner ,baths my youngest ,well she looks after the whole family bless her ,and i know how hard it is to look after that many children

the guilt i feel is crushing !

anyway reading you blog started me off lol sorry about that ,what i wanted to say is i know how you feel and if you ever want inbox me for a chat your more than welcome ,

gentle hugs to you madhelen hope your ok xxxxxx


I know exactly how you feel. I was only finally diagnosed in 2010 but it seems all the short flare ups have decided since it was confirmed i now have it backwards. short bursts of feeling ok-ish.

I am 45 but have the body of a lot lot older person. I have gained about 3 stone since and cant fit into anything.

I try to exercise but walking miles was my main form of exercise, now i can barely make the garden gate. :(

Its hell this life we have to suffer and all because of fibro. I dont know any other illness that gives you so many symptoms or problems.

gentle hugs xx


Thank you both so much for replying and lynz I may well take you up on that kind offer of messaging. You were so kind the other day when I had really down day. Every day I get up and think today I.ll just try a little walk to the corner of the road and back and I,ve managed it twice in the past few weeks.... I just wish the dr had sat down with me when was diagnosed with fibro and told me to really appreciate every day cos its not going to be a minor inconvenience it will be with you for life

I am just lucky to have an amazing husband but I do worry over my only child cos he is autistic and can't understand why I am always Ill

Now I am :) your two replies have cheered me up

Thanks. Helen xx


:-D hugs madhelen glad to see you feeling happier xxx


I am coming from the same place as all of you - It took about 13 years to get the fyrbo given to my condition and an awful lot of pain - once it was said I had this and I was told you just have to learn to live with it - well I thought that was what I was doing for the past 13 years on - now into my 19 years and still no better if anything worse - the weight has gone on and the pain is there day and night - family members all pitch in - and I am truly grateful - but inside I am screaming - I dare not cry for if I do I just might not stop - so totally understand everything you are all saying - just have to get through the nights and days as best we can and be thankful when we do get the good day! X


Hi Sharon I understand completely I had a small breakdown about year and half ago started crying couldn't stop I lost a few hours found myself in hospital with police and drs around me... Apparently no one could understand what I was saying my husband had had to stay at home with my son... A dr with very little English decided I was a beaten wife and a social worker turned up to take me into a women's refuge!!! Fortunately I can laugh a that bit now as my hubby is everything to me . Eventually I was taken home by police car and told to take things easy...... Worst thing until I got home no one would let me are my meds so I was worse off going to hospital missed two doses and was in so much pain and stress . Won't be doing that again when I feel down I hide away in my bedroom

Fibro bah what does it do to us xxx


I have yet to be properly diagnosed, except for RLS and degenerative disc disease, but I know how you feel, it seems every day something new, makes me so fed up with myself, I cant even say what is wrong when people ask! I generally say arthritis which I do have also. forgot that one, also inflammatory bowel disease, it goes on and on doesn't it! I feel for you so much, take care, Cazx


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