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OW OW OW! and this time I can't blame fibro

There is a something up there with a very perverse sense of humour! For the past couple of months I have been extremely good and have been religiously doing my exercises to strengthen the muscles that support my spine and been to several hydrotherapy sessions. I could feel everything was getting stronger and the constant back pain had changed back down to frequent. Have to admit I was feeling a bit smug and hopeful then BAM! I bent down very slightly Wednesday evening and 2000 volts shot through my back. Think I must have bent and twisted very slightly at the same time but, honestly, it's not as if I thought I'd had a go at olympic weight lifting! Shuffled along to my hydro session yesterday to see if that would help ease things and I was stiff as a board and unable to turn even slightly to the right without son of 2000 volts coming out to play. Sent home to be careful. That is my rather boring middle name these days :( . Had intended to go into work in the afternoon but realised that would be a very foolish idea so had to let them down. Hate having to take time off sick unless it's for something mainstream like flu or stomach bug but needs must. Am shuffling round like a crone trying to make no sudden moves and then will very tentatively try resuming my exercises at weekend to get back to "normal". I've got an appointment with orthopaedics at the end of July to see if there's anything to be done with the helter-skelter that is my spine and had been worried they'd think I was wasting their time. Guess not. Am in bed listening to the radio and sipping tea like a right old crip but in my head I'm dancing! x

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Keep dancing, Misty - even if it is only in your head!

Never, never NEVER worry about wasting doctor's time - they get paid an awful lot, and without us and our complaints they'd be redundant and moaning even more.

Rest until the pain goes away, but did you know that if you imagine doing exercise,like dancing, running, jumping etc. - all your muscles will actually make 'micro-movements' which can improve their tone a great deal more than you could imagine. I do this a lot when I'm lying down - it is helpful psychologically, too!

I hope you're better soon. :)

Moffy x


Goodness! That is something I didn't know. Now, when I'm asked how often I exercise by some smug supercilious so and so, I can quite truthfully answer "all the time". Often mentally boogie when the music is on, especially as I've been banned from dancing in shops when shopping with the kids - no fun. Will dedicate the next dance to you :) x


I'm nit suggesting you do this as you need to speak with your Physiotherapist first.

in years gone by when id been suffering all the same pain i am today, but before they called it Fibromyalgia.. I had a great Physio who was an expert on core stability. Basically what keeps us upright and focuses on the pelvis and spine. As well as hydro which i have been attending for a good 10 yrs or more now, another suggested very easy exercise is using a Rebounder. for those who aren't sure what that is or it could also be known by another name, its a mini trampoline. they can be purchased from good sports shops and just very gentle bounces to begin with and steps up and down as if walking in the spot. I have a grab rail bar on mine but they aren't as easy to get hold of,, but you can place the rebounder near a door and use that as support to get on and off and whilst exercising too.

I wouldn't mention it if i didn't think it works, but I first used one at the gym at the hospital.

So it would certainly be worth speaking to your Physio.

As I don't know what sort of core stability exercises you have been given i won't comment about that as what may be right for me, may not be for you as I have hip as well as spinal problems.

I wish you pain away and hope you are able to get back to work soon. I think thats the trouble with me, if I had never had to give up work I always wonder if I would be as bad as I am. ((((hugs))))


that should say not, and not nit!!! its these silly auto correct that gets the words wrong!! xx


Thanks fibro. I've got core stability exercises to do and due to get some more once the hydro sessions are over (sadly the hospital won't sanction us buying further sessions and can't afford to pay the membership to go to the other warm pools nearby). Can't do anything that puts strain on the spine, hips or knees either so the trampoline idea is out but sounds good fun x


The rebounder doesn't put any strain on you, you don't jump on it, it's light bouncing movement. It's hard to explain on here, I'm not the best at describing things, but it's worth speaking to your physio. There used to be a book called rebounding for health. No sure if it's still all able, but the exercises in there were the same as my Physio gave me.

I have hips and spine problems, had them since birth.

I guess I'm lucky that our local hosp... I say local, but it's 14 miles away!, run their hydro pool with extra sessions in a self help basis. Its such a shame I haven't heard if any other hospitals doing the same. many have even shut their hydro pools due to lack of funds, but although it's only £2.50 a session, it all mounts up and must help keep it open :) xx


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