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Got the dreaded ESA medical assessment back !!! 0 points

Finally had my dreaded ESA medical result's ... 0 points the one small bit I have had the courage to read I can tell you for a fact ... the assessor has lied, aparently I have no problems managing day to day house hold chores ... no mention of my 71 year old mother doing my washing up or ironing !!! now I have a long weekend and stupid festivities to cope with and right now I am not proud to be british, I dont mind been assessed and getting low points but this is rediculous, at the very least judge me for who I am and get your facts straight. I fully intend on not only appealing but writting to ATOS head office about allowing there staff to LIE, and I will be calling it disability discrimination, I wonder how far I can take that and how I can get the law to work for me. I am so utterly shot right now, I dont know up from down ... Like I really need this kick in the teeth right now.

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They're horrible aren't they, why do they tell lies xxx


they tell lies because they probably get more money if they fail you!


ATOS are actually on commission for every person that they get off disability benefits. The spirit of this was intended to ensure that the *lead-swingers* don't get the money that the real sufferers need. But of course ATOS is a business so they're just thinking about their own bottom line....


Try contacting the tv programme watchdog, they are interested in this, you can do it online. Very best of luck to you. X


I am sorry you have got nowhere, its disgusting what is going on.

I have just had my dla decision back 10 mins ago and they have turned me down. They only received it on the 13th of may so i dont even think they will of had time to get info from my doctors and specialists, so appeal it is then.

Good luck with yours.

hugs, kel xxxx


Hi Bluebunny, I know how you feel. The exact same happened to me. I took the letter from ESA to show my Doc & she was furioue told me I must appeal& I've to keep her in the loop as to whats happening. I am now on my 3rd month of waiting on appeal date. I feel better knowing that my Doc is on my side.

Appeal you must. Good luck.

Luv Jackie


Had the same problem with my husband's ESA medical, the report was farsical - couldn't even get his age right! My DHs doc couldn't believe it when we let him see it - he just kept shaking his head & saying 'this is ridiculous!'

He got into WRAG on appeal at the end of March but there was a letter last week with an ESA 50 to complete by the end of June - like we my have another fight on our hands!


So sorry. It is appalling the way people are being treated. And why do their letters always come on Saturdays??? Had my assessment Tuesday and waiting to see the outcome. Just hoping that all the letters to support my claim don't get 'mislaid' on their way from Surrey to Newcastle.

Incidentally, why should whether I drive a manual or automatic car affect my ability to work??????????


i am in exactly the same position. apprentlly i have absoloutly nothing wrong with me at all. the bit that got me the most was when she said she checked my spinal curves and they a as normal... wonder what the specialist who read my mri would say !! i have seen it my self and it is clear i have a large curve in my spine... she diddnt even look at my back.. everything in the report was all lies !!


Hi I'm sorry to hear it as well as I had a lovely person who interviewed me & I had my letter back to day & I got into support group, but paying up till Nov.12. Not sure if it helped my case but Iwas diagnosed 20yrs ago after spending 2yrs in wheelchair & was sent to rehab hospital at Bath for 6weeks, BUT DONT GIVE UP THE FIGHT AS THAT IS WHAT THEY HOPE YOU WILL DO!!! good luck with your case & sending your gentle huggles xx


Im still waiting for an appeal assessment was last October and I got 6 points, for the fact that I cant "pick up and move an empty cardboard box". I was asked "How did you get here today" and "Did you drive yourself". Well it was either drive myself or wait for the 2 buses Id have to get, and be in pain while I waited then sat there for however long. I did tell her though, that I was seriously considering an automatic car as I find second gear (and the handbrake) very painful on my calcified left shoulder and painful muscles and arthritic hands. Im not proud to be British either Blue Bunny.x


So sorry to hear of your bad luck also. The same thing has happened to myself. It stated I was able to bend over and stand back up no problem. The silly girl who was doing the accessment never even asked me to do that. Along with me not been able to get out of my chair and up onto their bed too easy but instead she has written I managed this with no pain. There was lots of other things also that she wrongly wrote and cant believe they allow young ones in to do these accessments on unfit people as they themselves have no idea what pain is other than a hangover. Sorry just very annoyed as this illness leaves us in so much chronic pain along with the brain fog and severe tiredness but yet people who may have only a problem with one limb get full rate everything and here is us who have it all over along with all the other problems and we have to fight like crazy. I know am going on but am so glad to let a bit of steam off.


ive had the same ive been put in the work related group even thou im in pain everyday brain fog and severe tiredness i can barely walk coz of the pains in my legs been told to go on a course that has me sitting down for long periods told them i couldnt sit for long periods and they said i will lose my benefits if i dont attend its rediculous theres days when i stuggle to get out of bed :(


I was given the same decision 0 points, and apparantly they must all just write what they want, i put in for the esa because i am self employed beauty therapist and i fell in november and broke my collar bone.

I could not do a lot and so went on the sick, the surgeon said it may heal in time, well after 5 months of being in pain and not been able to even lift my arm up he decided surgery was the only way forward.

I went to the medical for one reason my shoulder, I was not there for any of my other disabilities or medical problems and i did tell them that, so after the medical where i was suposably able to lift both arms above my head and up behind my back??????????????? NO

and she said in the future i may need a small op to help my shoulder??? and I was apparently well dressed and wore make up?????????? and why not? and i could getr dressed without any problems and was not in any pain???????????? and did not need any support for any day to day activities??? god I had to re check to see if they had the right

person?? so I put a letter in asking them to re look at the descision because the week after the medical I had my surgery which they removed the portion of bone that was not healing and now have a lovley shoulder scar to add to my collection.

I was so upset as I have never claimed anything before anyway have decided to sign myself off sick they can stick it as I will not go to a tribunal I feel shaking just thinking about it, so reading everyone elses esa descisions it looks like they just make stuff up , sorry for the rant.


i don't know if this is true but somewhere along the line i have read that for every person a atos person fails they get a bonus of £100, don't know if that is true or not, also bear in mind for every person who decides not to appeal they save money that way,money that you are entitled to if you are too ill to work,i have my appeal tribunal to go to soon ,i want it to hurry up and come now ,to get it over and done with, atos "so called health professionals" are clueless, even if you feel crap fight with all you've got,DON'T LET THE BA*****DS! GRIND YOU DOWN!!!! they make things up because they are paid to make you look bad


By the way and what about the esa doctor that looked me straight in the eye as if thinking'there's nothing wrong with you at all', and said "You know?, fibromyalgia isin't a disease at all, its just a tempory illness, it goes in a few weeks", hows that for a nerve


I had my results and like the reviews ive read on here was made to feel intimidated and made out to be a liar. I had a severe pelvic injury which has left me with constant pain and difficulty walking. Im held together with plates and screws ...sent in medical reports and X-rays and was told people with no legs can work....he also lied about my range of movement and said i had full range movement and there was nothing wrong with my legs..would just like to point out that my pelvis snapped completely of my spine and although held back on with plates etc is the main support system for your lower limbs. Unfortunately since the pelvic injury i also had a begnign tumour in my brain which was successfully removed...i have really found it extremely difficult to cope, not just with all the physical trauma but the metal trauma..i am currently having therapy for my state of mind and the assesser made the decission saying i had no metal health problems and have never had medication for this either...a complete and utter lie, they only have to contact my gp or specialist that i have been seeing. I have never had a problem with being seen by Atos about my conditions however am very upset that i have been made out to be a liar through intimidation by someone who didnt even check my range of movement to come to the decisions that he made.... would just like to know if anyone can tell me are they trained doctors?


i aplied for eas in april 2013 and still no medical. I sent several dr reports consultant report, many people do not have these. i have rang serveral times to DWP eventually wrote a letter of complaint. Rang dwp again still no reply to complaint still waiting they suggested i ring atos which i did. we are sorry but there are delays. i replied i know so does everyone else this has been identified i do not understand why it has not been rectified. i asked for them to send me a complaint form. I will not be able to claim after april 2014 as it will go on income based. so i think they are leaving me and going to pocket my money as i have 70.00 a week and should have 100.00. NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT. Been doing my research ready because i know i will not get a medical .


Hi I have had two medicals & both were 0 marks. I have now started for the third time, I have fibromyalgia & herniated discs. I am in constant pain & so very tired. I am dreading going through this again but I know I must. I will appeal this time if they mark it the same again .


Hello Wendyid,

Sorry you are experiencing problems with your claim, maybe some information guides may help you

Please do email me

I look forward to your email

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


I don't think they understand they think we are lying this is why they ask akward

I could only manage to reply now, but I wanted to reply

On the outside I look aright, I suffer from depression, panic attacks, and some kind of repeated syndrome. Which slows me down so I can't function some days

I can't tell when it will happen as I can have worst days

It makes everything hard to manage

Therefore this gives me limited capability for work

I was put in the WRAG group whether its right or wrong for me

Because I do experience mental health and I have no support

As I said I fall into the good looking category it's not my fault this is how I look

She ask me do I wash I should slap that woman for asking me this

As I wash daily can't she see I look clean, don't matter how long I stay washing I know what I have to do.

Who will employ slow people? Because mental healt interferes with daily activities I do. Have limited capability

Anyhow the letter came 0 points no more WRAG for me they said I did not pay enough and I failed my test.

If I passed before why did I fail? This liar should tell me what has changed for me

It took me three months to gather up the courage to write this. Which is not unusual with people like me

She said move. Legs. Arms. Push which I did,has this woman ever seen mental people move. Some move fast, can she see inside my head? Can she see my tomorrow? And yesterday

.could she see my thoughts of despair and any other dreadful thoughts, it's wrong to ask people you have treated I fairly to push your hands. We are not suppose to be ask such

Sorry I can't explain or tell everything . I have been reading this over and over for three hours. And feels it's. all written wrong

Good luck everyone

.their questions are humiliating

Please give us some pride and dignity

Please do not ask mentally disturbed people to push your hands just on case you lied on them before


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