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Exercise = PAIN

I hear that stretching and exercise is good for the pain of fibromyalgia and arthritis. If I so much as stretch or jog or try to work out it increases the pain 100 fold.....

So what do I do to make this better.

Also I have an overwhelming feeling to STRETCH. Like in the corner of my hip and vagina and inner leg area all meet. I feel compelled to stretch my muscles. Also the top of my wrist and tops of my feet and my neck shoulder area. Mostly the corner inner leg area.

Then when I stretch it hurts. It gets stuck in the stretch and then hurts bad until I stop the stretch.

I get Charlie horses in my stomach major hardening and pain.

Constantly having cysts on my ovaries.

Painful to make love.

My wanting to have sex has gone away.

Numbness in all body parts. Arms legs toes fingers knees button cheeks tail bone hurts so bad. Back pain unbareable.

I have tried everything

What do you try when you have tried everything?????

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Hi there and bless you your going through lots of changes in life style and needs and take it from me it isn't that comforting at all when your suffering into the bargain! I don't know if its fibro pain you have or have a condition that has either been diagnosed and I don't know about that aggravates it and then fibro complicates, or you have one and needs medical diagnosis or its just plain unfathomable complicated fibro. Well I can really identify on the sex side of life my libido dropped two to three years ago now and I have a condition in the lower lumbar 5 area with angry nerves that wont send the right messages and im crippling slowly over time. Im not a doctor and I know fibro is baffling believe you me I've been crippled with it at times and it effects me every day, but yours sounds like there s some nerve connection and id see my doctor and tell him and ask for a referral to biomechanics/podiatry I did and he's a miracle at least since his assessment its led me to feel safe that any care needs along the way wont be missed saying that hopefully. The first appointment is normally podiatry then referred on to bio mechanics. its quite a process but it worth it he could tell even as I walked in I had lower lumbar problems and I thought I had only flat painful feet at the time. I was told by him it wasn't my feet causing my back but my back causing my flat feet so so glad I went to see him. Im really sorry for your pain and discomfort right now and hope you get some relief and the right medication for your condition what ever that is but please see your doctor if it is nerve damage you wont want it to get worse. love and blessings xx


Hi again sorry for rambling. Basically with stretches if you feel pain stop if its fibro pain it will get worse. Rest it a little time then go back to it. The idea with the muscle stretches is that after some time the muscles become stiff from the continual pain spasms and the stretches help this. I usually stretch and if it hurts I stop and then try again if its the same just rest it you'll only make it worse remember at the end of the day its your body and your the only one who is left to deal with it . you'll get to know your fibro well in time managing is the key have you been to a fibro management course. xx


I feel your pain. I get horrible pain in my hip. I tried some light stretches over Christmas and it felt like my hip was going to snap off.

I think we jusy have to keep trying. I do leg stretches while in the bath. The water seems to help me. Just a little bit a day and hopefully things will improve


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You are right Victoria water helps so if not the bath can you get to swimming pool the floating effect helps so much as our bodies become weightless in water and we can move better sometimes. But word of caution moderation in all things (goodness me I sound old this morning I suppose I can blame Mr Badger for the virtual dancing yesterday )



I do physiotherapy and all of my exercises are really gentle stretching and moving. Each one is designed to help tone and use muscle and stop me from getting stiff and help decrease my pain levels. This sort of physiotherapy was given to me via a referral from my GP to an NHS physiotherapist.

I want to wish you all the bets of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Try gentle stretches ever night before bed I find my body is more relaxed and supple then Do them no matter how tired



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