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Fibro pain in my ears

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I would like to know if tv his has happened to anyone ells. Since Oct' last year my right ear has been hurting me. At first I thought I had an infection but after trying ear drops and spray from my GP, nothing worked and my ear continues to hurt. My GP had a very good look but could not find anything wrong with my ear and said it was the fibromyogia that was cousing the pain. My ear sometimes hurts so much that I can't listen to any sounds, the pain can be very sharp.

57 Replies
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I get pain from the bottom of the ear lobe to shoulders not in my ears. If something affects your hearing the GP should get your hearing checked especially if you drive a car/vehicle.

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It would be acid reflux inflammation goes into airways ears and sinus steam bath and nose rinses gargling with baking sods & salt warm water 4 x day and cut back on acid foods. Drinks. Also try breathing exercises and work on your posture those traps might be tight so use theraband standing rows bring scapulas together and work your core keeping your ribs back down and chin tucks. Sometimes pain is located in one area but is in another.

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Hi there, yes I suffer like that too. Not sure it's fibro to be honest. I was sent to see a specialist who thought it may be vertigo. Do you suffer with dizziness at all?

You may like to think about locking this and future posts for privacy reasons. If you wish to lock your posts to this community only this link will show you how to do it :)


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Echoblue in reply to Dizzytwo

I have been trying to check if my posts are locked but whenever I click on the link such as in your post it comes up page not found?

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Hi there :) I have just checked the link and it's working for me. You may need to check your settings.

You can alway see when a post has been locked by looking to the right of the header of yours or any post. You will see the icon of a little lock.

Also at the bottom of unlocked posts you will see the logos for FB, Twitter etc. If you need any further help please feel free to ask or pm me :)


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Echoblue in reply to Dizzytwo

Weird as don’t get lock or the FB, twitter icons. I wonder if it is to do with only using phone. Thanks for trying to guide me. Much appreciated x

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I am sorry I'm not sure why you don't see it on your phone. I am using my phone right now and am seeing them ok.

You could try checking it out with the HU teck team by sending them an Email xx

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Echoblue in reply to Dizzytwo

I have sent them an email earlier thanks, just thought it worth asking you since you referenced it just now and was being opportunist trying to seek answers. Many thanks x

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I forgot to mention. Only the poster needs to lock the post. This should be done only at the first new post not the replies.

I hope this helps.

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Is that every time you post or can you set it that all posts are locked?

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Unfortunately it's every new post. It's not possible to lock them all automatically.

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Does the pain seem as if it's very deep inside your ear? If so, I often get pain like this. My GP has told me that it's caused by the fibro, but I ALWAYS get my ear checked out when it does happen, because I had a perforated eardrum in the past, and have been told never to neglect ear pain. x

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Hi Eleni53 😊🌿🌸🦋

You should see an ear specialist (ENT). There are many reasons for ear pain. Yours has been present long enough to be classified as chronic. It took 2 different doctors for me decades apart to sort my ear pain.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Best wishes and abundant blessings.

EvaJo 😊🙏🤗💗😘🌿🌸🦋😇🕊

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Linnea1 in reply to honeybug

Honeybug, Can you please let me/us know what the verdict was on your ears, so we can research/look into that possibility?

Thank you! 😊

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honeybug in reply to Linnea1

Yes I have bilateral Menieres ( Fibro fog ? misspelled) disease with vertigo and tinnitus and hearing loss triggered by salt.

It can be triggered by allergies usually sweet corn.

There is a neuroma of the ear.

Dysfunctional Eustachian tubes can cause pain. I have this too.

There are more conditions but I can’t think of them right now.

You can look them up at

Sorry I still can’t do links I’ve failed every time I’ve tried.

Best wishes. You’re welcome dear. 😊

EvaJo xxx

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Linnea1 in reply to honeybug

Thank you so much for sharing, and I'm so sorry you have to deal with all of this! 😢

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honeybug in reply to Linnea1

Thank you for your kind reply.

I hope you find what fits your symptoms. Ear pain can be excruciating. Sometimes even dislocated lower jaw bone can cause ear pain too. I have hEDS and just last year started having this trouble. However there’s no mistaking this as you definitely can’t use your jaw when it happens.

I hope and pray that whatever is causing your/others ear pain will get diagnosed and treated soon (hopefully cured).

Take care.

EvaJo 😊🙏🤗💗😘🌿🌸🦋

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Linnea1 in reply to honeybug

Oh, my. You really are dealing with a lot!

Thank you for mentioning the jaw, as I have TMJ and, until you mentioned the jaw, I'd forgotten about the possible connection. Unfortunately, I no longer have insurance, so it will have to wait for a future time when I do.

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honeybug in reply to Linnea1

Oh Hun I’m so sorry about your insurance problem.

It’s a shame that we have to have insurance at all.

Do you live in the USA 🇺🇸??

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Linnea1 in reply to honeybug

Thank you. Yes, I do (how did you guess? haha).

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honeybug in reply to Linnea1

Well the UK and Canada have insurance for their citizens.

But here in the USA 🇺🇸 not so.

I’m in Michigan. Where are you ??

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Linnea1 in reply to honeybug

Yes, I know that they have a socialized healthcare system. Me asking how you guessed I was in the US was tongue-in-cheek, as it's well known around the world that the US healthcare system is disastrous.

I'm in Florida.

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honeybug in reply to Linnea1

Oh I have a niece that exists (brain dead since age 18 in 1995) in Summerfield. FL.

I have visited Eustis before when my Aunt and Uncle and Cousin lived there.

Summers are sooo humid...phew!!!

I hope you can get insurance soon and have your health checked and problems addressed.

Were you caught up in the Obama insurance and then lost it with Trumps changes??

Hope you don’t mind my asking. So many people were hurt by politics. It’s a shame.

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Linnea1 in reply to honeybug

Honeybug, I will send you a chat (private message). 😃

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honeybug in reply to Linnea1


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Ancroft in reply to Linnea1

I get ear pain too I have been sent the entire clinic I have had mri scan still waiting for results I will let you know what they say

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I have the same issues, with stabbing pain, usually only in one ear. Do you have stabbing pain, too? I also have extreme sensitivity to loud noise(s) and itchiness. I've had numerous doctors (every time I go to my GP's office for a check-up or other issue) look in my ears, but they see nothing and pooh-pooh me like it's in my head. (Yeah, it's in my head because my ears are attached to my head. lol)

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Yes my right ear gets shooting nearalgia but its not.weird and bloody point where I rub insides make them sore to point get scabs.

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honeybug in reply to Mumbev60

Oh poor you sweetie. 🤗💗😘

EvaJo xxx

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I too have been going made with pain in my ears both of them and they had a lot of wax I had an ear infection after the hair dresser drowned them in water I have a constant buzzing in my ears as well as other noises it’s like I’m hearing through cotton wool my doctor just throws meds at me so hubby suggested free hear test at spec savers they sent me with a note for doctor to syringe 💉 them and guess what they did it , I had so my wax they had to do it in two appointments, still pain still hearing noise and through cotton wall had new test done at Specsavers 3 test each ear 3 specialist results hearing lose in both ears have to wear hearing aids in both

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I suffer terribly with my glands and constantly have ear ache in my left ear. I tried everything to be eventually told "it's part of fibromylagia and there's nothing we can do". I've had ear ache and pain in my left glands in my neck for for the best part of 14 years 😢

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Hello there have you gone for a hearing test lately they can be very helpful if your not getting anywhere with your doctor , sometimes doctors will refer you to ENT, to investigate so surprized they have not done this for you. I get sharp pain if I try to blow my nose at moment but they said dark wax built up strange in ear, never really had any issues with wax ever. Hope you get to the bottom of this if you feel that it’s not fibro connected x

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Yes I have the same problem with my right

Ear I was given drops :(

I hope you get sorted

They just fob you of but best go see some one at the hospital for a proper diagnosis

Take care 😊

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Yeah I have different problems with my ears, they hurt inside and out, I have tinnitus, balance issues etc.

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You have a right to ask to be referred to the relevant department at the hospital which in your case would be an ENT. There may be requirements before a referral can be made which your gp would have to follow.

I do get pain in my ears and itching. I never thought it might be connected to Fibro! The pain in my ears isn’t a deep stabbing pain though. It makes me want to grab a cotton bud to clear anything out of the ear and often the tip is completely clean! I also have Tinnitus which mostly is just a hissing sound but then often turns into a high pitched whine.

I do hope you can get someone to take it seriously!

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NannyNooNoo in reply to Rainbowflute

That’s exactly how mine feel - driving me round the bend at the mo!

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Tullyanne in reply to Rainbowflute

I have pain usually after unbearable itching, I also get pulse noise and whistling and sound muffled x

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BunnyBad in reply to Rainbowflute

My exact symptoms! Really itchy and the tinnitus is non stop

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Hiya I feel your pain my ears hurt alot and can't work out why .so it must be another lovely fybro thing x

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Also have terrible balance dizziness and sinus always seems worse if I'm outside too x

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I also suffer with painful ears, as well as Tinnitus, but not in both ears at the same time. I usually find the at its worst, it affects that side of my face and jawline too increasing my touch sensitivity quite severely. I've not found anything that helps and just have to ride it through, but wish you well and hope you feel better. Sx 🙂

Hi yes I suffer from a painful left ear. I always think somethings in it. X

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I too have been having a sharp in my right ear it only lasts for a few seconds but is very sore My right side seems to be worst my arm and hands tingle all the time but my GP does not seem to bother he said it goes with the fibro

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Hi I've got tinnitus in my left ear High pitched sssssss drives me nuts, I also get pain often when I turn my head and it seems to pull my ear. Just above the lobes at the front the hard bit of ear, if I touch it the pain shoots, It hurts so much I've pressed and pushed around and made the pain worse, it sort of cracks and then pain eases.

I've no idea what it is. My family says my hearings got worse I may go for a free hearing test to see.

All the best with yours

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I get what seems like ear ache, but it's actually cause by jaw clenching and teeth grinding. How are your teeth?

Dee-ivy06 profile image
Dee-ivy06 in reply to iansumuk

I have a clicky jaw,and I grind my teeth,I wear a guard over my bottom teeth,also get earache in my right ear my tube is thinner than my left,I haven't been right since I had glandular fever when I was 16 iam now 50.

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I get a terrible pain in my ear that is not relieved by painkillers. The Drs treat it as an ear infection. They say my ear is red inside. Optimize didn't work. So they gave me a stronger steroid and antibiotic ear drops. That didn't work, so they have referred me to ENT. It has calmed down since waiting to be seen. But now my other ear is painful. I am really fed up off this. My right ear did have a hole in it decades ago. I have tinnitus since my teens. I am hard at hearing. And I have bruxism. My left ear keeps itching like mad like there is an insect in there. I am prone to ear infections and have eczema in both ears. One ear infection went on for 3 months. That was long before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I also have jaw problems which can cause pain in one ear. I hadn't heard of fibromyalgia causing ear pain before. I would insist on being sent to ENT.

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Hi Elemis

I think you should discuss with your GP about a referral

for an ENT consultation and also a hearing test. There can be many causes of ear pain that are not obvious to your GP.

Can I ask how the pain is in the morning? I find my ears can be painful sometimes on waking but once moving it dissipates. I have two hearing aids that I find little improvement of my actual hearing but it really does reduce my tinnitus which can exacerbate any pain.

Hope you are able to get some answers to your pain.


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Have a look at this link :

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Here are the things that cause my intermittent ear pain. Allergy to dust and mould. Could be hay fever for you even. Maybe you grind your teeth in your sleep. Ear infection. I spray Colloidal Silver in my ear twice a day and that always gets rid of it. Docs put everything down to fibromyalgia when they don't know what is causing a symptom! I wouldn't accept that.

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I’m amazed by so many replies! Seems like too much of a coincidence for so many of to have ear pain and it not be related to Fibro. Interesting. I read somewhere that it is believe that fibromyalgia causes inflammation that is not detected by blood work like RA. Inflammation at a different level. Anyway, thought I’d add my two cents. In January I also began having right ear pain like inside the ear canal along with itchiness, popping, pressure and eventually noise distortion and ringing in my ears. I took an antihistamine daily for two weeks but it didn’t work then my doctor did a hearing test and I had some mild hearing loss...anyway of course I panicked because my aunt died of a brain tumor and her symptoms included ear pain...that sent me down bad health anxiety. Anyway, my doctor put me on Flonase and Claritin twice a day and slowly the noise distortion and pain subsided. I still have ringing in my ear but I have also stopped using the medication and the pain, pressure and noise distortion have not returned. So, I’m relieved. :) Try Flonase and Claritin for a good week or two and maybe it’ll be just allergies for you too. :)

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This is very unusual. To look into it further ask your dr to refer you to an ear specialist. Fibro pain is always obviously to one side or slightly to one side in the neck. The first question would be is it on the same side as the worst pain. The next would be is there any tenderness and change in the pain with position.

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The exact distribution of the upper body fibromyalgia pain can often be produced by any position of the neck and head that increases the intradiscal pressure at the painful disc or discs. If moving your head around increases the ear pain when it is at the worst it may be related to FMS of disc origin. Remember that the C5-C6 disc is the most common one to produce upper body pain.

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I've had FM for 10 years and for the last 2 and half years I've had a burning sensation in both ears and painful cartilages when I lay on my side in bed, otherwise they are fine during the day.

Oh, I also wake up with Tinnitus and then it goes when I get up!

It's been awful and getting me down, cause I've been sleeping on my back all night, now the back of my skull hurts!

I've been to ENT after 6 months waiting, the Dr was so rude and looked at me like I had 2 heads.. 'He said I can't see anything wrong with you'

I was in there exactly 10 mins..

MRI scan showed nothing - it's so frustrating and puzzling. :(

Hope you get some relief, perhaps a hot compress?

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Walkingforexercise in reply to Music3

Hi, I also have been suffering ear pain at night, exactly as you say burning, feels like my ear is badly bruised and inflamed so I lay on the other side and same thing happens .Ears are now both red and hurt like hell ! I also find when I lay on my back my head feels as though my pillow is made of concrete . I was referred to ENT a year ago , same thing after numerous tests he said “ their is nothing wrong with your ears “ I can only think my problem is an old long term injury, C5 disc is maybe pressing on a nerve as I also get pins and needles in my arms and hands, very painful and keeps me awake !!

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2013 and suffer with many symptoms including strange head sensations on awakening,and noise sensitivity, it disappears after I’ve been up a while.

I feel your frustration!

Do hope your sorted by now as it was 3yrs ago !

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Yes I get this, didn't link it to Fibro though, interesting, have been checked for infection, nothing.

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