Anyone suffering from constant headaches?

I seem to be having headaches every day, my oh is worried that the docs are blaming fibro without looking at anything else :) nice he cares ;) is this a common problem with fibro? Big gentle hugs to you all and hope all is well....Susan :)

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  • Yes most days mainly first thing in the morning

    If I touch places In my head I can tell where the pain

    Is although it feels like a head ache. if that makes

    Sense, mine does not last long

    Love Viv x

  • You make sense, unfortunately mine will not go away, on the bright side I have a constant companion lol. Thanks for the input VIv and hope you are well..Susan :)

  • Hi tiredalot, I get a lot of headaches, but have arthritis in my neck, clench my jaw, have trigeminal neuralgia, tinnitus, and don't wear my glasses all the time when reading. Sorry to list these, but there are other things that can cause headaches than fibro, & someone needs to tell this gp that. I didn't mean to worry with this list, it could be fibro, but have you had your eyes tested? I'm having my eyes dilated next week to check my floaters are nothing to worry about - prob get told it's just fibro! Gentle hugs susan, Julie xxx

  • Hi Julie, like you I clench my jaw a lot and have slight neck damage. Hope your appointment goes well for you and thanks. Gentle hugs being sent to you also.....Susan :)

  • Me too, but I have Arthritis in my neck/spine like Julie. I would check it out with your Dr and optician to make sure

  • Thanks jessam, when I do they don't even acknowledge the question so I assume I really don't need to worry. The question was to stop my other half worrying basically. Hope you are keeping as well as you can be....hugs Susan :)

  • Hi tiredalot40

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Yes, I have migraines and just recently they have become cluster migraines so it is never ending. The only way to tell what is causing them is to eliminate things one at a time from your diet and surroundings til you find your trigger effect.

    Unfortunately if they are Fibro induced they are difficult to cure, I am sorry to say!

    I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I am trying that, if i keep eliminating stuff I am going to lock myself in a cupboard and lock it lol. I have taken out all my favourite things and it has made no difference. Does that mean I can put them back and take out the healthy stuff he he. Hope you are well and thanks..Susan :)

  • Yes! Most definitely! All the bad stuff is fun stuff. About a year ago found out that I was getting severe headaches, asthma and bad stomachs through Lactose, it was about the last thing on my check list!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Have you tried going caffeine free, and check that any painkillers you take don't also contain caffeine?

  • Don't take a lot of caffeine, but I have substituted my hot chocolate and tea for water. Sooooo boring!! Thanks....Susan :)

  • My gp sent me to a neurologist who said im obviously a painkiller addict - stop presc me codein based pain meds... over a year later still plagued with daily headaches & now im full of codein & morphine cos & # my spine!

    HEADACHE RELIEF: Put palms over ears with fingers to base of skull & tap with your middle finger. Sounded weird when I read it but I was desperate so I tried it & it does bring temp relief AND from tinnitus too!

  • Thanks, I don't tapping funnily enough, had read it somewhere. No releif, mind you the headaches are not always debilitating, just there, and irritating...Susan :)

  • Hi Nanuuk, Thanks for that, I have just tried but I am having pain problems and can't manage at the moment. But I will give it another go later.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • I have had bad headaches and still do sometimes, painkillers don't work at all, then I saw a dentist who specialised in face/head pain, he had trained in USA. It was expensive, £120 but it was worth every penny. He gave me a trigger point injection into my head which was amazing, better immediately, and also he made 2 mouth frames for me to wear, one at night and one in the daytime if I need it. I really find that they help headaches/face pain a lot, I think they relax some muscles that join the jaw to the face called the lateral pterygoids. They were expensive too, about £300-400 altogether. I don't know if you can get them on the NHS, in the end it would save them a lot of money if they did provide them because it would save on painkilling medication over years as well as giving a better quality of life. I wear the night frame every night and never have face/head pain at night now, but I use the day frame which isn't so visible if I have a headache or jaw ache and it is like magic, my pain disappears within 5 minutes, I can hardly believe it myself, it really works. Hope this helps. love and hugs

  • Thanks, very helpful. Pain free sounds wonderful... Susan :)

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