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Going on a cruise tomorrow and my back is in spasm

I can hardly stand up and walk at mo. Have problem with L5/ si facet joints and it is really bad. Been taking co drydamol but not better. Few weeks ago I was on high dose steroids for cardio effusion and it was wonderful. .no back pain or any other. But finished the course. Pain really bad now so went to doc yesterday for. Help. Asked for prednisalone just to get me through my holiday but after discussing with colleagues they wont give them to me. Or diazepan for the spasms. But been given Lyrica which I have had before to good effect but made me very short tempered. I have biught a wheelchair but husband not too happy about it but seems only way I can manage to get around. Lyrica not working yet so may have to up dose from 50 mg. never booking a holiday again. So depressing. Sorry to vent but feeling useless.

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Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad at the moment. Not sure if you have been on a cruise before but hopefully you will enjoy it.

I've been on several cruises, albeit before I got properly ill. It really is a chance just to relax. If you are not feeling up to it have a few days on the boat rather than going on trips. Or just send your hubby off to explore while you read a book / snooze / sip cocktails! If you do use a wheelchair the cruiselines are usually pretty good at pointing out which trips will be suitable for those with mobility problems.

Also, just make sure you have good insurance cover, if you have to use the onboard doctor the fees are extortionate.

I hope you manage to enjoy your holiday without over exerting yourself, holidays should be relaxing after all.


Good Morning Icenae- Nurse Gladys Emanuel(open all hours) if you want an escort or carer on your cruise get me a ticket I will show you all the delights that a cruise ship has for us sufferers, its the most relaxing holiday I,ve ever experienced, great food, great entertainment and fantastic facilties in their sports centre.. Have a Ball.!


I've been on quite a few cruises, my last one was when I had just started with fibro. I find they're really good for relaxing and if you're not feeling too good, it doesn't matter, as the other poster has said in general cruise ships (certainly the ones I've been on) are very well catered for people in wheelchairs. Perhaps a massage when you're on board might help? I hope you find some relief soon and have a nice holiday.


Hi Icenae

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling and I sincerely hope that it does not spoil your cruise for you. Pregabalin can take a while to work so it may be best to take some strong pain killers with you. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you all for your very kind and encouraging comments. I suppose I just have to accept I cant walk much at mo but enjoy it anyway. Pain is ok when not standing or walking. I suppose this happens to all who eventually need a wheelchair. You can still enjoy life. Just dont want to wear out my poor hubby, having to push me around.

Hopefully get back sorted when we return.

Have a good wekend everyone and hope the weather cheers up. X


You are lucky to have someone to push you sure hubby is just grateful to have you with him, so take pain meds and enjoy this cruise..have never been on one but as others have said probably the most enjoyable practical way to have a holiday when you are less mobile! xx


Just to say thankyou for the kind encouragement. We went on the cruise with the wheelchair and it was great. My dear hubby wheeled me all over the place (2 days sightseeing in St Petersburg included) bless him. Just booked easy outings other than that. People on ship and excursions so kind and helpful. So no longer fear using it. Thankfully i am much recovered now and can straighten up by afternoon usually. But will maybe get an electric scooter eventually to save hubbies back too.

Best wishes to you all,


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