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Hi all, havent been on for a while.I was wondering if anybody has been paid out for PIP yet as i had my face to face interview on the 24th

of June and apart from a letter saying my claim is being looked at that is all ive heard, i was told by another group that nobody had received it yet, so i thought id ask on here too. My whole claim has been in since March gentle hugs paula xx

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Hi paula I am in same boat applied in april medical 16 june and I keep calling up and they say it is in for re work! Unbelievable I am considering writing to M P.


Write and call your MP just put your postcode it will show you all you need and send an email I had to for the way DWP were treating me and they soon got things moving. They are so backed up at the DWP at the moment with all the so called improvements they are going though they cannot cope.


i wish you luck ladies,

i hope you get some success, keep us updated

i would be wasting my time with our MP. he s a Sir now and must be 80+ obviously thinks if he can work( or should i say just sit and moan in parliament!!)

i remember a while back filling out those letters that the fibromyalgia uk website just said print out, add you info and send it off to your MP, i got an official reply back....... he said he doesn't support it and that was that. i was so shocked i didn't even have it in me to respond. i was lost for words. i thought they were supposed to support us not disagree with us and act on their own opinions. Maybe after all these years maybe i have got the wrong idea of why we voted them in! i remember him turning up at our doorstep at one general election, he never even waited two seconds for me to respond to his...i'm so and so... hope we can count count on your vote? he was too scared to wait in case i gave him an answer he didn't like :0 xx!


I foned again yesterday and god what a run around I had, ive always been told they had all files and it was being looked at but not yesterday told me ATOS had not sent hard copy over which they need, so I had to fone atos asking where the hard copy was they told me it had been sent on the 12th august, foned dwp back and they say they haven't received it . I give in, in the end was getting too stressed aarrgg xx


My friend Alison applied in May and had her face to face in October, every time she phones they tell her something different! basically a right run around! I applied for dla in april 2011, received it in december same year but only after I had involvement from a debt relief service run by my local council. the debt relief worker seemed to get every thing moving! hope you hear soon xx


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