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wheelchair scooter? how do i get one

i was finally sent a god from the wheelchair dept to assess me because otherwise i cant go shopping unless 2 adults are present where one is pushing me and one is holding my childrens hands and pushing a trolley. not many people have the time of day to do that every week with me. so anyhow alonmg comes the important man to tell me he can not give me an electric scooter because first i have to be eligible to use a wheelchair at home!!! but my house is too small and i have no one to store it and also i am quite capable of movin around my house because i have to do things for myself and kids. can anyone help me and tell me how to go about this? i want to beable to go out with my children. i am a prisoner in my own home. i drive my children to school and drive them back. but they always ask if it is possible to go walking or by bus. i cant even walk down the road to the shops because it is a hill and i cant walk back up and i cant take that risk with the girls.

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thats what i asked and he could not explain why this is the way they do it. i have applied for dla and have been refused every time. all they wrote back saying was that i could do all the things that i told them i could not. i have appealed it and have been waiting for over a year to hear back. my gp can only write to them if they request information from her.

thank you. i am so desperate now


try your local red cross hun ours hire them out for free i no its not one to keep but it will help once a month and you can hire for long periods so im told


there are shop arpound where I live that sell scooters but I don't know if they hire them out. I have a scooter which my lovely partner bought for mem as I have a motabiity car which I use my DLA money for.

If you have been refused DLA it could just be because of how you have worded your answers, sorry if this sounds odd but it really does matter. From this site go onto the Benefits and work site which is there to help people claim ESA and DLA

Good Luck


hi if you call your GP they should have info about obtaining thesethings and also if you put in google D.I,A,L and the ton or where evr you live it will tell you whichn one is nearest to you and then give them a call iam going to my local one in may to fill in DLA forms or your local CAB, Also i dont know if you have any mobillity stores where yoy are we have quite a few here where i am they may be able to set you up with somthinng love to you diddle x


Hi i have an electric wheelchair,when i was assessed i had been useing a manual wheelchair which i got through my OT it was made to measure,although my body was to weak and painfull for me to use it myself,i had my partner to push me about,but my partner suffers with his back and also been diagnosed with eperlepsy over a year ago,which made me very worried to go out, but as the years have gone on, My doctor sugested i should have an electric wheelchair and he wrote to the wheelchair people.They gave me an assessment over the phone, then they came to my house, asked me loads of questions ect and looked all through my home,the next time they came they brought an electric wheelchair to my home and i had to show them that i could use this in my home, you have to need an electric wheelchair only if your not mobile in your home and can not do anything for yourself.It's a new rule that you are not entiteled to an electric chair unless you need it in the home. I then had to go to the wheelchair people and they gave me a number of tests to see if i could use the wheelchair and do the tasks, inside there building and outside there building also in the pouring rain and the dark, i passed all tests 10/10 everyone, then it took a couple of months to get my new electric wheelchair, but when i did get it i couldent take it out untill they came and made my doorstep safe for me to get in and out safely which was about 6/7 weeks ago. it was hard work in getting my electric chair but well worth it. I would advise you to speak to your doctor, because he was the one who got me my chair and other to that i think you would have to rent one or buy one yourself. I hope this has helped some way of understanding how the system works ........ Good Luck ....xxxx


Just a thought, does your town have a shopmobility shop where you can hire a scooter to get you around town? xx


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