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No break in pain !

Tablets arnt working , legs stabbing and electric shocks running in hips and legs , cant sleep again and the pulses in legs and feet are driving me mad , just no end to this pain everyday , I just hope pain clinic on thurs helps me if only a little , I cant think straight anymore !! Hugs xx angie . Sorry guys just needed to vent feel like ive lost the plot xxx

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Hello Broadband, sorry to hear your in so much pain! What tablets are you on at the moment? I went to the pain clinic they were very good to me, I asked for a morphine patch as all the other tablets I tried didn't work or gave me side effects! Hope they help you and you! Have you tried a hot water bottle to ease your pains? Take care, hugs Aisha x


Hi aisha x iam on nortriptyline and nefopam for pain , I have tried gabapentin , cymbalta, tramadol , amtriptyline , and had bad side effects , the only tablet working for me at the moment are solifenacin , which are for my bladder. Is it ok at pain clinic ? Do you still go ?

Ty for your reply , hugs angie x


Hi Broadband, I can see your on a lot of tablets for pain, besides the patch and Oramorph I'm on I do take Amatriptilyne and Citalapram which is an Antidepressant the both together gives me a good nights sleep, other than Paracetamol I don't take anything else for my Fibro as I seem to get side effects from everythingain! If y I take! What part of the country do you live in? I am on the Isle of Wight. The pain clinic I go to are very good, some clinics they like you to go on a pain Manegaement programme as yet I've not been on it, they help you to understand why we get the pain. If you get the chance go on it and ask your Doctor to refer you, its well worth it. Good luck.. Let me know how you get on if you go. Hugs Aisha x


I go on thurs so ill let you know x im in lancashire , my doc said it was a good one , fingers crossed x


I have just been to the first of five intensive pain clinics. The first day was spent making sure you understand the difference between chronic and acute. Acute being a pain that has just appeared from sprain strain cut or accident that will go away relativly quickly ie heal leaving no lasting lingering pains.

Chronic we fibromites all suffer from it and it doesn't go away the body finds it hard to mend it. So chronic is long term with variable relationship to damage. Simple terms it lasts longer than 3 months regardless of its cause. It wont go away! Why 3 months well clinicians consider that is the normal time for tissue healing.

Why do we get chronic pain well several reasons- following injury tissue may have healed but left scars on tissue or our brains nerves may have been damaged so it is constantly telling the brain there is a problem.

It is not surprising we are constantly exhausted our brains are permanently on red alert.

So it is all very interesting and applicable to Fibro and us super sensitive souls.

Pain causes the muscles to tighten = more pain = more wearieness as we fight it.

What an we do well Pace ourselves you have heard it before, not so easy to accomplish but by pacing you will be able to do more in the long run,

So hopefully I will be able to help myself move forward even if it is a little bit.

Good luck see if they have pain clinics in your area it is worth a go well lets face it anything is worth a go :)



Ty gins xx


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