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I really cant walk to far at all god the worst is a few steps or even if the ground gets a little rise in it, my legs get serve pain in them till i stop or go back to level ground it so sore you just want to hug your legs but you cant because your arms are so sore its a burning pain i find it hard to describe. i went out yesterday with my hubby for 4 hours for lunch as it was my birthday he could not believe the pain i was in as he pointed out the ground did not raise very much.he is the best hubby in the world but cant stand to see me in pain..

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It's always hard to say what's normal for Fibro as the severity varies enormously, not just from person to person but also over time in one person.

If you're confident that you do have Fibro and other conditions have been properly ruled out, then have you ever been assessed for myofascial pain? It is very common alongside Fibro and symptoms include weak muscles, restricted movement and fast build up of lactic acid when a mucle is used.


many thanks i will say to my gp who is very good, i think we put everything down to our condition which is not so good

thanks again


yes it is awful i feel lie i am alking through treacle some days and like you if you go up steps you feellike a burning in your limbs this is no fun at all so glad i found this site i was beginning to think i was going mad love to you diddle x


Hi sheelagh,

Yes my legs are like that most days, especialy walking the stairs and i hate it when the ground is uneven.

You mention that you have burning pain in your arms, are you on anything like gabapentin?

This helps me with all myburning pain.

HUgs, kel xxx


Hi Sheelagh,

I get the same thing, my calf muscles burn, I've had this symptom since I was in my early 20's I'm 41 now, It's much worse when I walk up hills and stairs.

I get the same pain in my thighs at night when I'm sleeping, it wakes me almost every night but once I've moved my legs for a couple of minutes it slowly goes away, then I fall back to sleep and then it happens again, this goes on all night long almost every night, its the worst pain I get :(

Irene x


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