Pain in the buttocks

Hi , having several problems at the moment and finding it hard to keep working I'm slowly becoming less able to do my job...... anyone else have similar problems my buttocks are always painful on sitting and resting and a nightmare to turn when lying down in bed it nearly knocks me out, my muscles esp legs are very tender I always have nerve pain everywhere and my legs seem to cease up as the day goes on so as I can hardly walk and feel like they are going to collapse under me. I also have Polymyalgia which is I know buttock pain , and could sleep anytime of day but struggle to get comfy at night.😡Love to hear from anyone with similar problems.

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  • I can truthfully commiserate on all of this. One if the main reasons I had to give up my beloved job was more than half an hour in an office chair and I could literally weep with the pain. Many a night so am in bed by 9 as I can get semi comfy propped up on two pillows and a V pillow but some nights lying down us as difficult as sitting on a hard chair.

    As the day goes on I just get stiffer and stiffer. At home even on a soft chair I have to get up every half an hour and have a walk around or I feel I might ssize up. Mine is more lower back and also sciatic pain which goes from lower back down buttocks and into the leg and combine that with burning, searing neuropathic pain in back and it can be a nightmare some days.

    I used to live a good soak in an Epsom salt bath which always eased it a little but was having difficulty getting in and out if the bath so had to have a shower fitted. Have you tried a cocycx cushion as that helps some people. I have found that some physio exercises I was given have helped with the mobility side I can certainly (earlier in the day) stride out more and walk a greater distance. I also wonder whether acupuncture or hydrothereapy might help both possibly available on the NHS.

    Have you also asked if you could be referred to a pain clinic? Good luck in finding something that helps.x

  • Lovely to hear from u, no I haven't been to a pain clinic not sure what it entails but could ask doc. Yes I sleep really high on loads of pillows but after a while I feel the need to lie flat , and when I get uncomfortable (after half hour or so ) then the pain I get in my bottom/back is excruciating as I turn I actually feel like a spit roast pig lol....but I do it all night long .I do have a hip problem at mo and don't know if a lot of pain in my leg muscles is differed hip pain or fm. I wake my poor hubby up most nights with me moaning as I try to turn....and yes all seats hurt soft or hard, I remember ten years or more ago when I was able to spend hours in the garden that as I bent to weed dig etc I used to have to come up so slow as my buttocks hurt even then.How long have you had ur pain ? 🤗

  • Also I walk weird as I can't stride at all it hurts to much so I'm sort of shuffling.

  • To be quite honest I tried analysing it the other day and realise even as a youngster pre school my mother had to take me to a specialist as I was limping and had unexplained pains in legs. From early 20's I seemed to have some hip problems and from early 40's neck and back problems from osteo arthritis which I now have in hips but somehow managed as one does. Fibro really kicked in about 7 years back.

    Just a thought have you tried either a pillow under your knees if you lie on your back or between your knees if you lie on your side as it sometimes helps. Ther are pain management courses where people go on a regular basis normally for a set period to perhaps learn alternative ways of managing painand then pain clinics where the emphasis often is more pain medication but all these seem to vary from one area to a next as to what they exactly do. Many do refer people for different treatments so it can sometimes act as a good gateway to alternatives like hydro or acupuncture. There are also something called Expert Patient programmes where there seems to be a mixture of people with all different kinds of chronic illnesses where again they get advice on managing a long term illness with alot of pain support. I used to get Electro acupuncture through the Pain Clinic linked to the Birmingham Royal Orthopeadic hospital but unfortunately the Pain specialist retired and all his outreach clinics stopped so I now use part of my PIP benefit to pay for regular acupuncture.

    Some days I can tell what is causing the pain but other days it all seems to blur into one and we won't mention flares. I also find if I am really tired, overdo it or have an infection then the pain escalates. I think also we seem to manage better in the day but when we can't sleep at night because of the pain or sleep is very disrupted it always seem worse. My attitude is that anything is worth a try as what works for one as with drugs might not work for another.x

  • Hi

    That sounds really painful and miserable when you can't comfy at night.

    I am just wondering if you have considered bursitis in your muscles? It can be diagnosed with an ultrasound and can be helped by steroid injections.

    Hope you find a solution soon


  • Hi julia6262 oh I do feel for you my friend, I also have Polymyagia so know what it's like honey. I have constant pain in lower back & hips, going down legs, just the same. What medications are you taking ?

    I had to give up work a few years ago and its not easy. Can you do less hours at work ? Or is there anything that work could do to make life easier for you ?

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan xx

  • Hi,

    I am already on a lot less hours, used to work 150/180 hour a month now I can barely do 70/80 but need to keep going as need the money😟. I have tried all meds I think , gabapetin. Amitriptoline, oh I can't think off the top of my head, I'm now taking dicloflex and dihydrocodeine but that's to help with my hip pain but still feel quite a lot of pain and have asked for more but he wasn't keen to give me any , I'm due to c the hip surgeon this coming Wednesday and I'm gonna speak to him about my muscles as they are sooo sore around the whole area and down my thighs. 🤗

  • Oh thats that one then, what about going on sick permanently and try to claim ESA & then try to claim pip. It is a rigmorole & not easy but you can get help with it all, the site has its own benefits adviser that can tell you what you need to do. I mean if you can't work, you cant work all its doing is causing you more stress probably worrying about it and making you more unwell.

    My thigh inside & outside is tender & hurts to touch, it feels bruised, sometimes I can barely walk for the pain & sometimes I can't turn over in bed but recently had hip xray & it came back ok, I was shocked & can't understand that I'm in all this hideous pain day in & out but xray is clear. My GP thinks it's coming from back & damaged nerves. Let me know how you get on with hip surgeon, sounds interesting !.

    Luv Jan xx

  • Hi had very bad pain sitting for over two years finally got to see a back specialists confirmed cocideana had my first treatmeant and its helps ask your gp to refer u to a specialist and find out whats really going on and dont be fobed of with the excuse its all to do wirh fibro you know there is a difference good luck

  • Oh I've never heard of that, yes I will have to get some answers as I can't go on like this.👍

  • I know how u r feeling good luck with it I hope you get some help with this soon angela

  • Hi Julia6262

    I had to finish work last May. I did catering and just couldnt stand on my legs like i used to. I would come home sit down and then not be able to walk again for several hours.I was lucky i could finish work but i hate not being able to do the things i loved doing, even housework killls my back. I dont sleep at night except for maybe an hour but like you i could sleep anytime in the day. I hope you can find a happy medium. Take care xx

  • Oh you sound just like me I don't know if my legs are going to carry me much longer and my back kills. I love my job too but don't know where to start with benifits 😟I don't know if I would get any even, but I used to work 150/180 hours a month now I can barley do 70/80 and that knackers me , takes me ages to do such simple jobs like cook tea change the bedding.Do u suffer from anything else other than fm? 🤗

  • No Julia just high blood pressure, the best thing you can do is go to and look up whether you would be entitled to anything also see what your doctor thinks. let me know how you get on, i will be thinking of you. take care

  • Hi julia6262

    I really am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I was wondering if you had considered it may be sciatica, as this is usually a pain in the legs and bottom? It may be worth getting it checked out?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi

    Yes I have had that before , it's a completely different pain, I do have wide spread pain over my body, at times , my legs hips and arms&hands are the worst.lucky me eh!!

  • Good luck my friend.

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