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Really fed up

Oh sorry to moan folks,but i've never felt so low.I'm normally the one that everyone pours their heart out too,but lately i've had to tell a dear friend that's had the same bludy problem for 25 years,and keeps on about it 24hours a day to leave me alone for a few weeks.Lets say she wasn't too happy,which upset me,but soz had to do it.INm desparetely searching for paid work,luv my voluntary work,but need money now.So sick of getting as far as an interview,then getting knocked back.Fibro been bad too really painful legs.So sorry for moaning folks.Off to do some voluntary work now at the PDSA.Have a lovely day.Just hope my friend

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I guess a lot of us have so-called 'toxic friends' who wear us down with their constant problems. It's unlikely that she will understand you asking her to back off, but ask yourself if you really need a 'friend' like that?

If she can't see further than the end of her own nose, and realise that you also need help and sympathy, then I would be content to let her go her own way.

Maybe you could start your own little business helping people with their pets? Dog-walkers and cat minders are always in demand, and a friend of mine has just started her own pet-grooming service. Just a thought, as I know you love animals!

Moffy x


Friendship should be a 2 way thing and she should be able to be there for you as well. If you still want to be friends you could drop her a line and explain how you were feeling and not in a good place to help her at that time.

I've heard that dog walkers can make quite a bit of money, and you get your "gentle" exercise at the same time. You could put some cards up at local vets, maybe even start speaking to people out walking dogs and if you meet them a few time (without stalking them that is) you could let them know about the dog walking/caring.

Good luck.


Thank you.xx


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