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Help needed for first appointment with Rheumatologist

I have my first rheumatologist appointment on Monday and I don't know what to expect. I do know I need to prepare myself but with what ?? My hubby is going with me not just for moral support but I know he will be able to understand what is being asked and will also remember what is said.

I would appreciate any help, advice or experiences of your first appointents.

Thank you x

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I remember my first appointment with my Rhuemy I was terrified. At that point I didnt have a diagnosis but within 5 mins he had put me at my ease. He examined me, talked through all the problems I had had over the previous 5 years and then gave me my diagnosis. He was great and even apologised when I started to cry! It was such a releif to know all the things that i had been to the doctors with had not been in my head like so many people had made me feel.

Go to your appointment on Monday with an open mind, he is there to help and i am sure he will. I find it worth making a list of things i need to ask as my mind goes blank when i get there. My rhuemy offered me physio with the hospital physio department and i found that really helpful too.

Good luck and let us all know how it goes x


Thank you for your sharing your experience.. along with everything else my confidence has dwindled and I get myself worked up with anything that is out of my comfort zone... and my comfort zone seems to get smaller with each passing day so this is a huge challenge for me. Like I said my hubby is going with me for moral support but I also need him to go with me because I know I will be in a panic on first finding the hospital although I have been before, second parking my car, getting a ticket out of the pay and display machine, losing my way in the hospital corridors and by the time I would have got see him the consultant I would have been a blubbering wreck..... and then when it is all over I would have forgotten where I parked my car and started blubbering again.... is it just me ?

thanks for listening

jaidee x


Hi Jaidee, my first appointment was the Rheumatologist was to eliminate if I actually had Rheumatoid Arthritus - my joints were examined and legs looked at - I had x-rays taken of hands and hips to see if there was any degeneration - then I had blood tests - an appointment was made for a few months later where the diagnosis was then made that I had Fibromyalgia. (I had a urine test which I wasn't forewarned about). That was my experience in a nutshell. Oh I wrote down my multi-symptoms too so that I could communicate properly and unfortunately left this behind and had severe brainfog at the time where I could hardly form a sentence or take anything in. When I went to the second appointment I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a letter was sent to my GP and discharged from their care with recommendations of Amitryptiline and GED, and no further contact.

It's good that your hubby is going with you to help so you won't be struggling on your own. I hope it goes smoothly for you at your appointment. It will be interesting to hear about your experience. x


wow..I am amazed that you had the examination, blood tests and xrays at your first appointment... I thought it would just be a chat with him sat behind a desk and me cowering near the door fumbling for words to come out of my mouth.... eeeek I'm really pleased that the other half is coming with me.. they would be carting me off to the scrap yard if I was on my own... thank you for the information or was it a warning ... not sure which :-))

take care x


Hi Jaidee no it wasn't a warning - it was for the information, they need to make sure what you do or don't have as a process of elimination. I found the appointment organized and nothing really to worry about, they know what they are looking for - it was a relief to me to be referred. Write down what your symptoms so you have something to refer to may make it easier for you, I'm sure your husband is there for moral support. Try not to worry about it. x


I agree Reflections, by the time I had my Rhuemy appointment I had had all the tests including MRIs, Xrays, blood tests. I hadnt thought about it until I read your post before. thanks for jogging my memory :) Good luck Jaidee x


Thank you Reflections - soft gentle hugs to you xx


my first appoinment was to eliminate R.Arthitus as well and he talked to me about how i felt and what i was going through and he done an examination of certain points from head to toe and i got diagnosed with fibromyalgia there and then and he gave me the spelling on a piece of paper and told me to look it up online.good luck jaidee and let us know the outcome. :) x


Sounds like we saw the same Rhuemy Sharon.


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