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Yesterday the light was warm and glowing from the sun today

it is overcast. The birds in my garden dont mind they are singing their hearts out. I am here as usual the early bird - been awake since 3.00 I am preoccupied with having to empy my wardrobes as I am having new fitted ones which hopefully I will be able to get into with ease. At the moment I can only open one bit the doors having given up the ghost.

One day I will be organized well that is the plot those of you who are used to me will know that will take a miracle but hey I try.

My lower back is wretched this morning but I shall get reluctant OH to assist in moving stuff out and maybe sort it as we go and Jumble sales about?

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Looks at in Gins in confusion... Wy do you want to get into your wardrobe..... Are you hoping for a Narnia Type experience when you climb in??? Have you decided not to bother with your bed anymore.... Or are you trying to spice up your bedroom by hiding in the wardrobe and then leaping out onto your OH????? ... Oh my mind is working overtime here thinking of all the reasons you want to climb into your wardrobe....

Yours throwing gins a fur coat ... In case you want to pretend you are in Narnia...... I shall send moffy over shortly dressed up as a beaver and I will arrive on my mobility scooter / sleigh in character as the white witch.....

Yours hoping for an Oscar....

VG x


I have found the fur coat at the back of the wardrobe and a door but it doesn't open (looks crest fallen) But Mr Timmins seems to have left his scarf behind it is trapped in the door. What do I do now the man is coming to measure up soon and I need to empty ever thing out. OH has hurt his back will he go to the doctor Oh NO may be he should see the ice witch she could give him Turkish delight................ Beavers need water no water in the cupboard yet!



I'm not showing my beaver to nobody! :O


On the other hand .... if there's Turkish delight involved ......


Oh my word one piece of Turkish delight and there's no stopping her

moffy am on my way to the dam with Turkish delight


I always had a fancy for the hairy one - that Mr Tumnus - is he around anywhere? :)


At asda with gins eating cream cakes in the car park.... Unless the white witch has got there first, transformed them both to stone and made off with the cakes :(


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