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Anxiety and Depression

One of the worst things about fibro apart from tiredness is the bouts of depression for me, often happening second half of my cycle so could say it is PMS, but this is not always the case. I am on meds which I think do help but not enough sometmies.

My main issue is anxiety and a feeling everyone is letting me down, I get irritated by slightest thing,then my aches start, a friend cancelled a dinner with me last week as wanted to go out with her family and I was so upset! Someone at work yestrday asked me to do something which he could have done himself, he is an arrogant person younger than me who think s he has a postion he doesn't and that really annoyed me too!

My son is doing GCSEs this wek and had his water bottle confiscated yesterday in the exam as it wasn't clear plastic! It was clear, just had a blue tinge to it, so subsequentyl he got a hweadache and not sure how well he did! I was furious abou this and was all ready to complain to the school!

my in-laws who live abroad now seem to haver lost interest in us, not so bothered for me but for my husband and kids, we barely hear from them and do try and contact them ourselves, maybe I set too high standards I don/t know, but I feel tearful about all of these issues, only thing that seems to help is exercise, which I try to fo regualry.

Thnaks for listening, just needed to rant and write it all down!


LucyKris x

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Hi there are you on any anti depressants... Most of us on here take them to scramble pain signals to the brain and also to cope with the depression that can descend on us.... Congratulations for managing to work with fibro... That's a big achievement ... But as you are working understand some things stress us and do seem to get blown out of all proportion and that leads to more stress.... as for setting too high standards I think that's a trait a lot if not nearly all us fibromites tend to have. And for me that was the hardest part having to come to terms that things were not always going to be to the same standard I kept things too before,, and pacing ... It's so hard to pace...

I like to think I am getting better at both and it does help

Re inlaws we moved to the other end of the country to get away from them ... Would happily swap them to another country.... If you have tried to keep in touch but they don't seem bothered that is one of the things you will have to just accept and not stress about .... It's not a reflection on you .. It's their son they are losing contact with... So its their loss can't fix the world... Though if I were in a position to .... I would give it a good go..... I am sure I have some wonderfully simple ideas for fixing it....

Take care ... Take a trip to the GP if you need to.... And rant on here anytime you like

VG x


Hi LucyKris. My name is Ali and I have suffered from depressive illnes for many, many years. I still sometimes let things get to me but not nearly so much as before I had counselling and got the right meds.

Through the therapy and reading and researching methods of coping I have mostly got it under control.

IT DOES'NT MATTER. This is writtien on my bathroom wall just over the loo roll holder.

What does it mean? My sis came to me with the severest depression I have ever seen. She was white faced when I met her from the train. Over the week we walked and talked and she unwound. One fo the things she insisted on was turnng my toilet roll the other way up from how I usually put it. We had a little debate!!! In the end I gave in! Iwrote ITDOESN'T MATTER on the wall.

It is really a sort of metaphor for don't sweat the small stuff in life.

So, smile at yourself in the mirror today and say out loud, IT DOESNT MATTER.

Hope this helps a tiny bit.




Thanks so much for your kind words and support, it really does help to talk to people in the same boat. I am on fluoxetine which does help but once I am pre menstrual that all goes out the window! It is hard enough dealing with all the hormonal issues women face without having fibro added to it too!

Love lucykris x


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