Yet another doctor

So, woke up in so much pain this morning that Rich called out an emergency doctor.

This is now the 5th doc I've seen about the fissures . I've given birth twice for goodness sake I should be able to take this pain.

He had a look ( had to peel me off the ceiling afterwards ) and says I have multiple fissures, one of them very deep and he's not surprised I'm in so much pain .

He's now ordered me to take as many pain killers as my body can physically take to try to give the area enough relief so it can try to start to heal them. He's even told me to take codeine , which I'd been told to avoid as it causes constipation , because he says dealing with the pain is more important at the moment to try and give me some quality of life at least .

He's had to write down what I should take and when as Fibro fog meant I couldn't take it all in.

On top of this I have to to chuck laxatives down me, eat regularly and drink water like a fish to counteract the codeine bunging me up.

The prognosis is apparently not good as the surgical options have poor results on the whole, so the future is looking grim to say the least .

He was here for almost an hour , was very calm and reassuring and as helpful as any doctor I've seen , but it's obvious there is little he or anyone can do .

I'm totally exhausted from all the pain and have been unable to get up for the second day running and for the third time in the last 7 days.

I guess it's just one more thing I'm going to have to learn to cope with .


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  • oh bless you im sorry you are having such an awful time of it at the moment

    sending you lots of gentle hugs xx

  • I seem to be stuck in a cycle of bad luck that's for sure !


  • I'm sorry you're having such an awful time now.

    If you haven't already seen it, here is the NHS Choices info on Anal Fissures:

    Do you have IBS?

  • Yes Lindsey , I was diagnosed with it at age 16 and have had regular check ups ever since.

    I've pretty much read everything to do with Anal Fissures available on the internet ( I had read the info in the link )

  • Awww poor you Helen! Gentle hugs and much love. I go through the same thing on and off - for months at a time - IBS is a kicker eh? Am in-between flare-ups at the moment and hope to stay that way for good - But am NEVER that lucky!

    Sorry you are suffering so sweetie.


    Carol xx

  • Thanks Carol , this fissure thing is the first ailment that's managed to reduce me to actual tears . I normally just struggle through things :(

    Fingers crossed your time off from flares lasts .


  • Hey, Helen, hugs.

    My first flare up was due do birth of my first daughter - most unimaginable pain I've ever felt! And it had me in tears for 6 weeks solid until it eased and I thought it was over - until the next flare up came - and the next - blah - blah -blah! Like you - I sailed through pain - but not anymore - this Fibro malarkey has reduced me to tears on a good few occasions :-(


  • I started suffering with IBS as a child, it wasn't properly diagnosed til I was 16 though . The fissures I've been getting on and off the last 10 years or so, but they've never lasted this long before . Doc did say one is so deep it's cut into the muscle.

    You saying that , I'm wondering if the Fibro makes me more sensitive to pain and is perhaps why I can't take it now.

    the Codeine does help the pain, but I'm now on tablets every 2 hours . One Codeine and one Paracetemol , followed 2 hours later by 2 Ibuprofen . This seems like a lot to me .

    In between I'm having to take Lactulose and Laxido to try to relieve the constipation and a 5mg Diazepam at bed time.

    I'm now taking some form of medication almost every hour during the day and that worries me :(

  • Have had IBS since I was 12. And the Fibro DOES leave us more sensitive to pain - So ruddy well not right - and certainly not fare!

    Not happy hearing amount of meds you are taking sweetie. Please be careful. xx

  • It is a lot isn't it ? He says it's not exceeding the recommended daily dosage and from what I can see on the packets he's right.... but it still seems a lot as I don't take anything for the Fibro normally, I just grin and bear it and rest and pace myself .

    He said that in order for the anal sphincter to relax enough to heal it needs to stop spasming and the only way to do that is to build up the pain relief and not let it drop below a certain level.

    It's basically 4 doses of each painkiller but split into 8 with 2 hour intervals.

    he also said I face a 2 to 3 month wait to see a gastroenterologist and even when I do there won't be much they can do except cut a wedge out of the anal sphincter or give 3 to 6 monthly Botox injections :(

    Neither sounds very pleasant :(


  • I feel for you Helen, I really do. And if your GP is only giving you the daily dosage - albeit in closer timings - then relax and let everything heal.

    Gentle hugs,

    Love Carol xx

  • how awfull for you, gentle hug xxx

  • I can honestly say , I've never had pain like this before rosehip. It really is unbearable :(

    Thank you.


  • the pain of fissures is unbearable helen poor u gentle hugs x

  • Thank you . It certainly is the most painful thing I've suffered :(


  • your welcome helen hope it eases for you soon x

  • Oh bless you but please try to keep positive wait til you see the surgeon it is marvellous what they can do now i know it is hard but hopefully you will see him asap love to you thinking of you lots diddle x

  • You really have my sympathy ... I had surgery for mine and it did help because they also stretched it too.

    Its still painful because of the ibs, but I have found liqurice to be more effective than laxatives! Got to be worth a try!

    Really hope something helps.


  • hugs to you sorry to hear you are in such pain people who dont have pain dont understand what its like excruciating pain what you describe my heart goes out to you try not to exceed the stated dose

  • Sorry to hear you are in so much pain xx hope you get some rest and some help to sort the fissures out xx

    gentle hugs xx

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