Hi Emma Welcome back :) :) :)

You have been missed by many :D :D :D

Hey everyone!!

.................... it is so lovely to see our FibroAction Admin Emma back home with us here on the forum after a period of illness and wondered if you'd join me in helping to celebrate by coming on this picnic to welcome Emma back :)

As you can see there's bread, cheese, wine, sandwiches and cake :) :) :)

Fluffie hugs for all

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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  • I was bringing along some chocolate, but as its so hot here I had to eat it to stop it melting into a puddle, if anyone else wants to help I've still got a few minstrels that haven't melted yet


    You made me chuckle :D

    I do like minstrels, there's something about the crunch :D

  • Same problem Lucyhobbit forgot where I was going so sat down and ate the choccy cake while I remembered ...... took a lot of thunking :-) not much cake left :D but it was very nice :P

  • You remembered that you ate cake!!


    :P :P :P

    Good job the picnic is already laden with goodies, best dig in before the fluffies eat the lot............... They're awfully close to it :D :D :D

  • dude how excellant. Welcome home M whata lovely night for a picnic and we an have music and dance. :)



    I was so busy sorting the food that I forgot about music, I wonder what music would Emma like?

  • Kerrang type music .... Might not be anyone's cup of tea! Eighties or any acoustic classics are nice too! :)

  • ooooooh! gins there's cheeses and wines over there that I can recommend, and a Giant Farmhouse Pie with pickles and piccallies, chutneys and jams, grapes, apples and pears :)

  • Yummy this all sounds so good. I've had a nice plate of crackers & cheese with a few grapes. Lovely spread everyone! Brought Lemon Drizzle Cake if anyone interest?


    You made it........ <<<<< SURPRISE >>>>> LOLOLOL

    I think you managed to beat the fluffies to the food............. lucy was distracting them with 80's music earlier LOL

    Glad you're enjoying the picnic................ it doesn't have to end, not in virtual land :D

    I remember when at college reading kerrang magazine :P and watching MTV in the common room hehheheheh :D

    xxx sian

  • I brought along some cheesy 80's pop music if anyone wants to listen? I won't inflict it on the mass population - it might scare the fluffies.

  • usually goes down alright hehheeheh:)

    Fluffies too busy looking for chocolate as they're not allowed it......... very messy LOLOLOL

    music may distract them YAYAY :)

  • Im still having problems with my Fluffies. Dont blame them, I wouldn`t like being stuck in a bag for years. I forgot all about them. Poor things. There are only six and im sure there were more. Have you gained some dark purple ones cus I think that they must have run away from home.? :O :P

  • I've brought my world famous cucumber sarnies, cocunut tarts and lashings of ginger beer! :P

  • That's lovely sian, I have celebrated by eating plenty! Nothing new there then?


    Ken x

  • Sorry I am a bit late, busy day, but I did bake some cupcakes. So I hope I am forgiven :) A very big welcome back to Emma. Enjoy the cup cakes :)

  • Yum! :P

  • I'll have to roly poly myself home after eating too much :P

  • Morning all Picnic for M still ongoing please come and join in the fun and feel free to bring any games etc like frisbees, croquet.............. heeheeh eheehehh :D

    For those of you that like boats and relaxation there's one over there that will take you around the scenic lake where it could be lovely for some guided imagery :)

    Enjoy the food, and fun in the sun :P

    xxx sian

  • Welcome back Emma, I just ate a scotch egg but saved you the other one.. hugs x

  • Why Thank You but I must say I may not have room as I have been partial to having a cream tea or two...... naughty but nice

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