Hi i got pip letter the morning did not get enchane moblity i was on high rAte mobity d.l.a i need a mobitlty schooter cause of fibo and other things i cant get around can just make it to shop over road from me cant evan do that some times cause of pain and the exsuhusten walk to clothers shop couldnt evan look at clothers whdn i got there body exhusted had to go back home shops only 3mins from mine just dont have energy if i ring them to say i disagree just for them to reconcider but not go for an apeal can they reconcider with out me having to go thought anapeal


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  • Hi cathy1110

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you did not get the award that you expected, and I have pasted you a link below to the CAB cache entitled: Challenging a PIP decision - mandatory reconsideration.


    It does say at the bottom of the page that not many claimants win this but it is up to you if you wanted to go to appeal afterwards if you fail?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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  • Good luck my friend x

  • Hi

    For mandatory reconsideration a phone call will be ok but you need to sate your reasons clearly .

    Be careful stating you can get to the shops three minutes from you although you may be exhausted they will look and mark points that you can walk the distance they allow.

    What ever their reasons on their decision letter focus on that remember to say that you are in pain that you have to keep stopping and that you would not be able to complete any other tasks for rest of day. Contact Janet our benefit advisor

    Good luck


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  • Hey,my advice is to contact a local shop that sells mobility equipment and scooters. Highly likely they do a scheme themselves to pay monthly to lease a scooter themselves. They'll understand and can work with you. If you find that too hard to do... feel free to private message me and I'll happily source a place out for you!! It's going to be ok and it's not the end of the world Ok :)

    Just focus of the positivites of this... there's places that know what u need and can help. You'll be able to use the standard component to rent a scooter.

    Happy to help out


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  • Sorry to hear that.I have been on ESA and lower rate care DLA but circumstances have changed dramatically . I have had to inform n still month later waiting forms . But in meantime I have had to buy second hand wheelchair off ebay . don't know if that will help you.I now bought cheap scooter as thought would help me while I await decision.is any of them a possibility for you

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  • if you ask for mandatory reconsideration tell them how many times you have to stop and rest just getting to the shop. but i dont know anyone who has won a mandatory reconcideration an appeal is would be better. does your local council have a rental scheme for mobility scooters. good luck

  • It does sound time as though you have been under marked. Remember that if you do ask for a Mandatory reconsideration a completely new person looks at it and it can go down as well as up and it is only fair to point this out, it is just a small risk but it is there. Have you got any more evidence that you could send them?

    Benefit and Works have a 50 point guide on how to challenge a medical assessment and it is good. I know that Janet our Benefit Advisor has access to some of their guides so worth asking her.

    If you phone and ask for a reconsideration do follow it up with a letter confirming this. Do read your letter as towards the back they will give a resume of how they came to this decision. Read it carefully as the decision maker goes on the assessors report and if that person made assumptions about your condition you may be able to pick it to pieces. If there are any specifics we can help with just ask as multitudes of heads are better than one. Let us know how you get on whatever you decide.x

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  • Hi,

    You have been given excellent advice I see, I can't add anything except good luck!.

    PS You may be able to find a cheap secondhand scooter on Gumtree or similar. If you do buy second hand, make sure the batteries are good!


  • With a second hand scooter I would only get this from an mobility shop mainly due to battery warranty

    A battery may run well but the key is it being charged up correctly at the beginning on its life and this will give it more length in life.

    You could buy from gumtree but do expect to replace the battery cells and depending on the model it could be around £100+

    Worked closely with a mobility shop in the past so

    I do recommend gumtree for somethings but with mobility equipment, if you break down somewhere you don't have the cover you would get from a shop :)

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