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Fibo symptoms getting worse

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Hi I have fibo things just started flying out my hands been going on for some time now .been going off balance for some time but this past week my legs have just give way twice think I broke my finger . another new any one else having this with fibo

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I definitely have balance problems with fibro. Also at times my legs feel

Heavy and don't

Seem to work right, I seem to struggle to lift them as I walk and This results In me falling.

I have friends who also have fibro and they struggle

Much the same as


Hi lightstar1, sounds awful. No, I haven't had that happen. I'd check the list of side affects of any medication you are on. I know I was on one that said you could have uncontrolled movements and it happened to me once, my arm of its own accord hit me in the head. I think it was Endep. Stopped that now. I would do an independent search that doesn't come from the maker of the meds and I have found reviews of medication give you what other people have experienced on medication.

Hi, that sounds just like me! I broke one of my favourite little bowls yesterday, it just flew out of my hands! I can't grip things and a lot of the time I can't feel when I let go of them, it feels as if they're still in my hand but there they are clattering on the floor!

I find it happens more when I'm in a flare up. So does the dizzyness and leg problems.

Flare ups can take many different forms I've found. They're not just the debilitating pain, or the massive debilitating tiredness, they have many other forms.

They also have many different strengths and sometimes they're so mild you don't even realise you're having a flare up until it passes a and you feel your old self again, with the pain of fibro that never goes, but not how you'd been feeling, if that makes sense.

Try not to worry about it too much, just ride out the storm. If it does last a great length of time, it could be your meds, so it would be wise to check side effects of what you're taking, but I think it's just another different flare up than what you're used to, I have them too.

Sending gentle hugs ((❤)). Please let us know how you get on.

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ShelWhitt in reply to Jenonnet

Ride out the storm. Easy to say. After 40 years of doing just that there now is no respite between flares, just an occasional day not quite so horrendous as all the others. But what do we do. Keep putting a smile on our face and do what we can to carry on. The down side is family and friends don't accept how ill we are, so no practical help, just told to get on with it. But let's face it I don't think I would believe it either if I hadn't got it myself.

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Jenonnet in reply to ShelWhitt

That's just what I mean by riding out the storm @ShelWhitt, it's all we can do unfortunately.

I agree with you about family and friends, they can't understand what we're going through because they have never had it and the only ones who understand are our fellow fibro warriors. No one can imagine the pain and disabling symptoms we get and because fibro is different every time it flares, it's difficult for others to understand. Even doctors don't understand it, there are some who don't believe it exists! So what can we do but just carry on the best we can until they learn more about it and find something that will help us.... Don't think that will happen in my lifetime though! 😕

It is so hard because we do hurt so much and people dont understand!! They just dont get it and we cannot explain how we feel properly .

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Ditto 🌼 but just keep staying positive you will get good and not so good days (won't say the B word (bad) ) family friends will help just ask! We need to remember that each day brings new challenges with Fibro, but I feel your pain. Peace and love 💕

My fibro im my hands make them feel hot stiff and soar its awful. My whole body hurts at times


I know exactly what you mean. A couple of years ago I became seriously ill and didn’t/couldn’t take my meds. When I had come round properly I realised just how nice it was to not be living in a haze of medication so decided on the spot not to take anything stronger than pain meds (cocodomol and morphine), and then only when I truly need to. I use Tai Chi to try and help my balance but tbh this last 6 months I have been dropping more things, had several daily dizzy spells with falls S my legs randomly buckle. Sometimes I will get very strange, random pains but not always. There is no warnings that I will either drop something or drop to the floor. I have had my legs tested and apart from it showing that I had lost a lot of power in them over the years it showed no nerve damage so still no wiser.

Thankyou sorry to hear

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