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An amusing comment from DLA


I phoned up yesterday to see how my claim was going.... they have recieved a report from my reumy nurse, which has had to be sent to their medical the report had to many medical terms for them to understand. ..I mean rrreally

Well I suppose my claim is being looked at properly.

But I still dont have much hope. As u all know everything is a fight!!

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You couldn't make it up, could you?

Best of luck, anyway!

Moffy x

Just proves the point that people who have not got a clue about what it is like to have serious health issues, are making major decisions about whether we get support or not.



Mad4it1966 in reply to jillylin

Well said. Totally right. Xx

Hidden in reply to jillylin

It also goes to prove that those assessing you are not trained medical people, when Atos and DWP make out they are and con the public into thinking this. It is a travesty of justice.

Went to my DLA tribunal on Friday . Most scary thing I've done in ages. There not interested in what u can't do, the pain and affect it id having on ur life .

They say it dosent matter that it msy take u four hours to get up a d dressed the point is u do it. and when u fall y may hurt urself and it may tske u sges to get up brcause u live aline but u eventually do ut. Dont think ill get it will know in post next week . And think I drove up a wrong road so may get a fine as well to cap it XX

Oh shock horror! Medical terms on a medical report, whatever next! For once, words fail me! x

On my appeal papers they got my name and gender wrong, got dates and comments by medical professionals all out of how can we be confident they even read the papers correctly submitted.Just going through it all with a fine tooth come....think after this experience I could well become a trial lawyer....

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