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Tribunal sending doctor to my home for assessment regarding dla mobility

Hi everyone sorry for not putting in much feedback lately but a bit all over the place hope everyone's doing what they need to and if not hope you are all right . Well was 10 minutes late for my DLA mobility tribunal and my wonderful CAB advocate asked for an adjournment this meant they will ask for my medical records which I now have been sent a copy of , and they are now sending a doctor out to asses me in my home is this a good sign could they have refused or done something different you all know what I mean. I've recently moved home and the council have been wonderful they even found funding to move me and fantastic paint allowance had help to do that too. The social services have gave me an assessment and gave me middle rate for a walk in wet room . My physio has written a fantastic report saying how I have trouble and that my condition is degenerative and really this means past repair :(((( well I hope this will all go in my favour although I was a bit better at the time of the claim. Of course I was still awaiting diagnosis and although my condition wasn't diagnosed it was there. well what do you all think so scared and really just tired but hoping.

Love and blessingsxxx

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Morning Well that all sounds really positive :) I think it will work in your favor. Just remember when they come out do not show off how much you can do it is about how little you can manage. :)

If they ask you to pick something up refuse explain it is beyond the point you can manage - Hope this helps take care



It all sounds wonderfully positive, and I'm thrilled to know that you're getting the help you really need - especially in these times of cuts! When the doctor comes make sure your answers are on the basis of your worst ddays and not your best.


Hi there Royalspec :)

I would be pleased they're coming out to your home as they don't tend to feel comfortable in our homes as we have the upper control.

DLA came to see me at home which I'm pleased they did because I couldn't have managed going to the centre. They get to see where you live and how you cope :) Remember not to leave any sticks or crutches you use too far away from you or it will suggest you can cope better than you claim. I have loads which I have dotted all over for when I need them anyway...... this darn illness has a habit of knocking us for 6 when we least expect it!!

I had to stop my hubby from blitzing the house like a madman because we had someone coming because it wouldn't have given a true reflection of how we actually live and cope too.

It is ok as gins suggests to say no, I can't manage that, but what my atos doc said was that if we don't show we tried they can't give us a score so we could lose points :(

Its fine because you yourself will tell him/her through your movement and actions. I said no to a couple of things such as bend and touch your toes for instance because I nearly fell over just standing up and he told me to sit down as I was clearly not capable :)

I understand the plight prior diagnosis all too well having gone through it for so long myself. Don't give up heart or persistence no matter how much the system tries to work your patience it uses energy you need for keeping yourself well :) The one thing to remember and always keep in mind is that you can ask for a reconsideration and reapply after a short while though I can't see you having too much trouble passing this medical.

Shall be thinking of you and wishing it all goes well for you

Many comforting and healiing fluffies on route to you

:) xxxsianxxx :) (I passed by the way)


I had an assessment at home years ago and passed. Have someone with you who can open the front door, show them your wetroom and aids you need about the house. As Sian says, don't do anything which is obviously too painful but it is useful to try walking across the room, especially with a stick or holding onto furniture. It lets them know you do try and are not sitting back doing nothing.

Having someone else there is an extra voice to confirm your difficulties too.

Good luck!


Hi , I went through the same last year , the judge couldnt make a decision on the tribunal so it give them time to get my doctors report , .

the docttor that came was ok , stayed for about an hour asked lots of questions and examined me , a friend was with me who had previously work for the cab for 14 years . After all that I won , so try not to worry , please let me know how you get on , big hugs angie x


The ATOS doctor that came to me was brilliant as soon as he realised i suffer with FM he wouldnt examine me , he knew what pain i would have to go through, he did ask me to walk about 4 feet and to lift my top so he could see my back, really lovely man :)


Its good to hear that Atos is starting to look at the real person instead of a computer screen, I apply'ed for DLA in 2006 in relationship to a back injury as a result of a accident and loss of my job of 27 years, The Atos at that time tore my confidance apart......the tribunal service doctor was even worse... I vowed never to experiance this again and even now the the psycolodgical damage is still with me, My doctor has diagnosed fibromyagia last year and attending the local pain clinic and reviewing treatments etc........I have never claimed any support benefits.. and although I losted my employment I live on a small company pension and my life savings which has almost gone now...

I still could not go to a Atos or tribunal again,...........However I do wish you every best wishes in your claim. x


Bless you so much im so sorry to hear of the effect this has had on you especially as you'd been part of an accident you'd rather not had any way's. Im so hoping you can muster the courage to reapply when the time comes and please use a citizens' advice advisor. Its an outrage for anyone who has a genuine plight in our supposed humane society. I will say the things that we can apply for are designed to compliment the humane fabrication of our society that is supposed too create the need and belonging in a country with a nhs system second to none. Ty so much for your feed back too cause this might be the case for me too. Well here's fingers well crossed hoping you have a peaceful day. Liz xx



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