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ill again

Well still fighting the council, but our local councillor is trying to help us now fingers crossed. I was rushed to hospital last week couldn't breath had be treated for a chest infection, but after loads of test was told I have pleurisy, on my 4th lot of antibiotics and feel really ruff. went to docs today for b12 injection and felt like I had run a marathon. slept all day after. has any one any idea how long it takes to recover from pleurisy everything I have found says weeks for some and months for others. Gp said it will take time because of the b12 deficiency. I am due to go on holiday soon so hope to be feeling a bit better for that, only in this country but going to see family so it will be fun and going with my 2 lovely gran children. Gp wants to see me again next week. I keep trying to smile but sometimes I do wonder what next and when or if things will get better for me and family, heres hoping!!!!!!!

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Hi took me about 8 weeks to get over my attack of pleurisy ... I lost my voice and even after the 8 weeks I still got the odd twinge... It was probably about 3 months before I could say it was gone completely.. But it was my fault I got a cold and ignored it so after 6 weeks it turned to pleurisy....

Sympathies and hope you recover soon have a lovely holiday

VG x


Hi Ronald, what rotten luck I hope it is now under control. Take it slowly and hopefully you will be good for your Jolly Days. xgins


I hope we get some warm weather soon, Ronald, that will help you to recover. Get well soon.

Moffy x


I hope you get well soon, at least well enough to enjoy your holiday

hugs Kira x


Hi very old fashioned remedy Get a tin of kaolin poultice Heat in a pan of water Do not boil Spread some between two pieces of lint cloth and put across back and chest keep in place with bandage wrapped around body This will clear you quickly Tried and tested method throughout my family Hope you do it cos it will help Have a good hol


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