Is pleurisy classed as a disability in the UK

Hello everyone! Does anyone know if pleurisy is classed as a disability. I developed pleurisy in December 2014 after an operation, then coming down with flu and then pneumonia. At the the time I was in university doing my third year as a mature student. I had to give up the course and still now I have difficulty breathing when I am out shopping or going out with my kids and wife. The pain is bearable and not chronic, can anyone give me some advice please!


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  • I would strongly advise you to see your GP as soon as possible about your breathing difficulty, this must not be ignored. Lou x

  • Pleurisy needs to be treated by a doctor. My father had it and was too ill to be moved to hospital. He took a few months to recover, and the doctor visited every day for 2 weeks. You really need to speak to your GP asap. I hope you get better soon.

  • I had pleurisy. It's horrid and I was very scared. I have recovered, so it is possible. However, you could have lung damage. You must see your doctor as you could have need of more antibiotics or risk pneumonia. Hope you are feeling better soon. Ask your doctor if you would be considered disabled, however I think it would be from damaged lungs from pleurisy rather than pleurisy itself that counts. Good luck.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have pleurisy and I sincerely hope that you start to recover soon. I would definitely discuss your breathing issues with your GP to be on the safe side.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • It's taken me three years to get over repeated bouts of puleurisy I would get it every 6to 8 weeks and did for nearly 3 years it finally landed me I hospital and the chest pain I suffered after was Imense but I'm pleased to say I now haven't had it since last October and my chest is getting better so there is always hope. Keep seeing you gp and specialist and I wish you the best getting through this

  • hi gay 1978. Oh my heart goes out to you! I've had pleurisy twice: the second time it lasted a year. this was a while back (last one was 1982); at the time there was NOTHING to be done. someone who also had pleurisy described it as "my lungs are lined with broken glass." that was exactly what it felt like to me. I hope very much that there have been medical advances so you can get some treatment! you will be in my prayers.

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