Chillax session at local leisure centre :)

Hi everyone

Hope you are as pain free as possible. I have been researching my local leisure centre - we have moved house recently so I have been looking in to things I can do. Was delighted to read about a Chillax session one evening a week. They hold it in a heated pool - I think it's in their sensory pool which has really lovely soft lighting. They play sounds of the rainforest and you have 45 minutes to just relax, float around and de-stress. It sounds brilliant. Going to book myself in for it next week. I think they should have these sessions everywhere! It sounds idyllic :)

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  • That sounds fabulous, pls let us know hoe you get on. Have fun :) xxx

  • Wow, that's sounds amazing, where is this leisure centre, they might do this countrywide, let us know how it goes 😃

  • I live just outside of Nottingham. It sounds like something unique to this leisure centre. I also found details of a heated pool in Derbyshire. However this looks great. Going to try and get in for a class next week x

  • Wonderful, I love a swim a bit hit and miss with the heating in the local pool. Hope you find it helpful. xx

  • That sounds wonderful and I sincerely hope that you have a fantastic time.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Going to give it a try Ken? It's not far from you :O

  • Just down the road really!

  • That sounds so relaxing-I love that mood lighting & natural sounds....just be careful not to fall asleep in The pool ☺️💗

    Relax and enjoy yourself, I'm already looking forward to hearing about your experience. 😃 best wishes Pea x

  • Sounds absolutely amazing, our local pool is way too cold for me and the spa pools which are heated are too expensive. Let us know how it goes for you :)

  • That sounds wonderful, wish we had one here.

  • Ooh... Sounds amazing.... Wish ours offered something like that xxx

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