Has anyone tried 5Htp? Someone suggested it to me, so I bought some yesterday. Just wondered if anyone has had any results. Feeling really low at minute due to pain and confusion. I keep forgetting the most simple things. My partner is so supportive and cant do enough for me even though he's got his own pain to deal with which he is on morphine for. Winge over as I cant remember the purpose of what I wanted to get across. Need a new body!

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  • This along with other treatments has ratings webmd.com/vitamins-suppleme... with advice

  • Hi, my daughter thinks I should try it. But its expensive. Have you tried it yet,?

    Kind wishes.

  • I bought it yesterday, they were £8.99 for 60. Took 2 last night but to be honest I cant tell if they worked. My other medication has been increased, today I am definately not myself - total brainfog. I havent done much today but i dont feel right. Just cooked our tea and it was so hard work what with pain and confusion. I will keep taking them and let you know further.

  • I know someone who uses it and swears by it. She did say you need to be careful taking it with other medication such as tramadol or things that increase your seratonin xx

  • My gp said it conflicted with some of my meds, can't remember which ones.

    Might be worth talking to your gp & /or pharmacist just to be on the safe side.


    hamble :)

  • Hi nocnoc

    Thank you so much for that, it is not one that I have tried but I have just had a quick read about it and it sounds interesting. I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I have tried it, alas for me, it made no difference.

  • I have taken 5HTP in the past. You need to take it for a month before you'll notice any difference, and I found I needed to take 3 a day for it to help.

    I can't take it now because it conflicts with my prescribed drugs (as others have said, it boosts your seratonin so you need to be careful if you're taking other things).

    Hope you find something that helps.

    Mim x

  • I am currently on 500mg Pregabalin and 50mg amitryptiline, I'm not medical but would 5htp interfere with that?

  • I would check, I was told that it can't be taken with amitriptyline xx

  • I think Pregabalin would be all right but I think amitryptiline might be a problem. I would advise talking to your doctor because sometimes with supplements it just depends on the dose you're taking. I'm not medically trained so I can't say - I do know that 'seratonin shock syndrome' (which you can get if you have too much seratonin) can be really serious.

    All the very best,

    Mim x

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