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pain in legs


i have recently been having realy bad pains/achey/still legs & hips does anyone els have this im taking my tramodol but doesnt seem to make any difference my legs are what i need for my new job i have recentely started a cleaning job it seems to be going very well except my legs i have put a little weight on too, only a few pounds but i cant seem to shift it, if any one has any ideas i would be greatfull i also have to climb 4 sets of stairs to get to my flat & sitting is uncomfortable too so many things that is wrong i seem to be falling apart i dont feel like doing anything either just want to stay put soz for the moaning but i cant moan at hubby anymore bless him xxx

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I have found that splitting up activities by rotating them has helped a little with pain relief. Also, the tramadol, do you have the extended release ones? The other ones, I found the pain relief would drop away but I don't get that with the extended release ones.



Tramadol didn't help me at all until I took them together with paracetamol - the relief was very good indeed, so you could try that.

I used to feel as though my legs and buttocks had been pounded with a hammer - it was excruciating, but I rarely have that trouble now. I still don't find sitting at all comfortable - I'm either up on my feet. or lying down. Hope things go well for you.

Moffy x

Hi there suwie, yes I have terrible pains in my legs, dont think there is anywhere that escapes this fibro, I have plenty of pain on sitting andlaying I cant lay on my sides, its too painful,I have to sit up to sleep, when i get it that is, I seem to have a lot of pain in the bones of my legs, and asu say it allradiates to the hips too, and some nights I get very restless legs cant stop them moving all over the place and that sometime happens to my body also, Im on Tramadol, Gabapentin and CoCodamol, but i only take the cocodamol at a last resort, have just checked my tramadol jillylin and they arent extended release, so I may ask the doc next time i get a repeat for the extended ones, I may also buy some paracetamol,ladymoth and try it that way, ....dont apologise for moaning suwie ,it does u good to get it off your chest and we know what u are going thru cos we are going thru exactly the same, ..gently hugs to you all ..Dee xx

Hi, seems every post that I see , I can relate to lately,, yes I do have this it's mostly on a night and in a morning, if I climb my own stairs my legs are heavy by time I get to the top. I have to say the only thing that helps is resting those legs. I chew fennel , my Moms of mixed race and swears by it. It's a natural painkiller for athritic pain but works for many things. I would advise getting your blood tested for vitamin deficiency just to see if everything is ok there. You can't take fennel if your taking other pain relief tho because its like taking aspirin just to be on safe side. I have been chewing fennel for years and it seems to work for headaches .

Try not eating wheat products and lactose for a while , I've heard fibro victims are prone to toxins and are a little intolerant , I have to say my pain greatly improved after cutting these down . I completely cut them out and introduced them slowly on a very small basis.

I hope there's some improvement really soon for you as it's hard to get little jobs these days .

Hugs Joanne x

thank you but im on asprin & my bloods were ok for the vitamins im diabetic too so dont think theres much i can take then i have tried tonic water but that seems to have wore off i drink so much of it now thank for your advice joanne i will get checked out @ the doc's again xxx

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