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Face,hands,legs and feet


I have been waking up with very swollen parts of my body, my face is like a balloon in the mornings during the day it does go down slightly . My hands ,legs and feet are also swollen but do not go down at all. I can tell the difference in my knees too as I can not bend them. I drink plenty as I thought I might be retaining fluid . I am very worried as it doesn't seem to be clearing up .

Anyone got any ideas please

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I suggest you go to see your gp, maybe take some photos in the mornings then changes, or not, during the day. possibly take your, above, post to how him too.

let us know how things go.


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Thanks , I will get an appointment to go and see him it is really worrying as my dad was like this last year and then he suddenly past away, not that I am going to pass away hopefully . I will let you know what is said thanks

Hi michphil

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I can genuinely imagine that it is quite alarming when it happens. There could be a lot of differing reasons why you are experiencing this, and I have pasted you a link to the NHS Choices page on swelling in the areas that you have mentioned.


Please remember that I am not a doctor so I cannot say what it is one way or another, but I genuinely believe that you should discuss this issue with your GP. I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi michphil, Yes go to your gp asap. Also, I was wondering if you have any thyroid issues as that can cause edema in those areas too.

Best of luck


Best go to gp check blood pressure,and generally check things out.put your mind at restx.

Do you take Lyrica? It made me swell really bad.

Hi I do not suffer from thyroid problems and I do not take Lyrica , I have however got an appointment to see my Gp this week so hopefully he will be able to give me answers. I could not walk very far in the first place but this has made it 100 times worse. I will keep you up to date on my progress ,thanks for all the suggestions .gentle hugs xx

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