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Jumpy legs

Hi all

Has anyone of you had jumpy legs? I went to my GP two weeks ago due to jumpy legs and he put my amitriptyline up to 75mg every night, for the first week it worked but last night I got the pain and the jerks back. Fed up does not explain how it makes me feel. I work as a maths teacher and I have had an exemplary sick record, but now the tiredness is killing me and in todays market I can't afford to give up a job I like for the sake of beoing sick. I also had an operation in July and tomorrow is the first day of being nack to work as I have to because my employers took me off the payroll, NO WORK = NO PAY and my landlord is not not a sympathetic person. So I guess I got another question there is ther any place I could go to to get financial help, can't get ESA or housing benefit or council tax help due to being employed, can't get DLA even though I have FM, CFS, FD (fibrous dysplaisia), PM (polymyalgia) and PA (polyarthralgia), I am appealing against the second time of being turned down for the DLA but this is a slow process and the last time it took nearly two years.

So ANY help please. x

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Am so sorry you'r having such an awful time. The jumpy legs is horrid and I

had it for ages befoe going to doc who very kindly gave me diazapam. I am

very carefulhow often I use it and there is absolute trust between doc and I.

Maybe your would give you some. It's horrid when you can't sleepand sounds

like yu'v done your best to cope. Hope doc is helpful there.

Lady yingtong


Hello, you do have my sympathy as I too am in the same boat. I have jumpy arms and legs, in fact I managed to punch myself twice in the face last night and then knocked stuff over on the bedside table. I ended up getting up and skyping with my son in NZ instead of trying to sleep but am obviously feeling wrecked today. I find the Amitriptyline works for a few weeks then it wears off. I go a few weeks without it and then it works again. Not much fun when you have to work though. I am also still employed but off the payroll and unable to claim benefits. Too ill to work but not ill enough to get my pension it seems. A rather unfortunate piggy in the middle! good luck and let us know how you get on. Jane x


Hi Jane. Reading your reply, at first made me smile as I've punched myself and kicked over things next to my bed. My partner goes home (own flat) for a few weeks due to my kicking and punching. I then read about you being off payroll, I had a bilateral ovarian cycst op in July, tomorrow 17.09 I go back to work, I've had to get the union to help me this time. Found out that they can't reduce my hours and pay as its against the law. So yes I will be the proverbial 'Piggy in the Middle' to. So the stress of back to work, the stress of not leeping and the stress of a fight on my hands. I am tired already. x


Its great that you have the union to support you. Have you got a phased return to work with full pay? I do hope so. I know that is what my union was hoping to organise for me but I just don't feel up to it just yet. Let's hope you get a better nights sleep tonight. Jane x


Is this like an itch sensation that makes you suddenly twitch?


I have these symptons too- I just have to get up and move around and try and keep busy even in the early hours of the morning - do get this during the day sometimes and it is really awful no matter how I try my legs just wont stop jumping - sounds really sill but I feel like a puppet having my stirngs pulled......


My cat won't sleep on my bed because my legs won't stay still, but the other night it was my jaw that was the problem - it jerked in the way my legs do when I'm trying to get to sleep and I bit my tongue and the inside of my mouth! :(


Hi Tibby,

i've been prescribed Robaxin aka Methocarbamol for restless legs. they really do work very well and very quickly for me thankfully. It just seems as if someone is winding up a clockwork toy and then..... whoosh... they let it go and legs start jumping and twitching.

i hope you get the result you so deserve on the DLA, seems the whole shambolic system is against us at times,

Take care

Jan xx


Thanks Jan


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